"Then The Wyrm Has Definitely Turned For You, Man" Mk 1.0

zengoshugoju 24

Decide to theorize "What is the only way I could play Shitter and still feel ok with myself?" Well, what does it do actually, hmmm ... "lowered to 0" is a necessity for what kind of breaker...waitaminute! Well, if Wyrm is having a party I better throw in e3s and Cyberfeeders...pretty much built itself after that. Raymond Flint and Frame Job because Wyrm felt they needed some love too. Val because it gets everything rolling and because it felt fun to actually make her run.

If you've made it this far without skipping down to the comments to hammer out "play gudd kards loser! hur hur hur" between foaming at the mouth and masturbating to Guns&Ammo you probably realize this is meant to be a casual, fun deck. If so, please leave a short comment with other unloved and overlooked 'B-side' cards (preferably through Spin Cycle) that I should take a look at to include.


20 Mar 2017 Krams

Love the ŞifrWyrm. Together, these two cards pack the power of two good cards.

And Raymond Flint without bad pub support is a great counter to Jemison's pesky Hostile Takeovers, while also countering AI-hate like Bulwark, pretty neat.

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20 Mar 2017 LynxMegaCorp

Val with Blackmail x3, Siphon, Yog and Parasite.

"meant to be a casual, fun deck."


20 Mar 2017 zengoshugoju

@Krams Thx for the feedback! I tried to build a deck that had 'unfun' cards but in a way that I enjoyed playing them, and it turned out ok. The "bad pub support" cards look interesting, but I was cheating my irl cardpool throwing Val/Blackmail/Sifr in as it was...but I'll try those as I add packs. This was primarily designed for my tiny tiny meta but turned out to be a fun exercise in seeing how to mitigate OP cards with a subpar deck lol.

20 Mar 2017 zengoshugoju

@Lynx Kuronekosigh

7/46 cards is a skim of the deck at best, you need to look at how the cards interact with each other. Tell you what, if this OP beast takes over Jnet and starts a massive movement to "Ban Wyrm" then you can burn me in effigy and I'll be as surprised as anybody.

Take this for a spin and see why it is built the way it is. Part of it is self-imposed cardpool constraints, another is built-for-meta, and the last is for who pilots it...me. This deck is slow, clicks for cards a lot, and has no tag strategy or answer for asset spam. What it does do is runs a fun breaker combo that works well against my buddy's Amazon Industrial Zone GRNDL deck. Blackmail keeps the Corp honest, and 'Best Case Scenario' is an agenda a game, at least for me (experience may vary with pilot's skill I guess). A one-of Syphon is an emergency bootstrap for when installing Sifr or Yog or basically ANYTHING has broken your bank. With no Aaron Marrón bullcrap you actually have to deal with the tags, amazing concept. Parasite is mean with Sifr, that I get, but in this deck it deals with otherwise game-ending Ice like Data Raven etc. Yog? Really? Yah, those Core Set Anarch breakers are OP AF...lol. I don't see you taking a run at Morning Star and that has done the most work here! The non-Wyrm breakers are situational one-offs; Mimic for my buddy Swordsman, Yog for Turing, and Morning Star for my man Tyrant lol.

I guess some one could take those cards you mentioned and put it in a "good" deck and go curbstomp some peeps on Jnet, but then it wouldn't be this deck, right? Take it for a spin and see how it actually gives both the Runner and the Corp a multitude of interesting decisions to make throughout the match, and for me that is what Netrunner should be about.


21 Mar 2017 LynxMegaCorp

Oh... My comment was mostly in jest. I play jank for a living (have since Honor and Profit), so I know what its like to put together decks that are fun before they are effective.

However, I'll never associate the term "Valencia Blackmail" with fun, as its one of the least interactive choices you can make as a Runner.

Why not run Reina? You get to thin your cards a bit - and you want ice rezzed for your Parasites. That 1$ rez cost really puts a damper in a Corp's early game. Well, that's a different deck - or at least closer to what I'd rather run for casual fun. ^_^

23 Mar 2017 Ephin_Antz

see now you have more comments than i got on my decks my friend interesting we will have to play a game soon, my knights are still ready to fight amongst the blackmai. for the turing tournament.

23 Mar 2017 zengoshugoju

Lol, only because half of them are me being cranky. I'm not as active on Jnet as previously, playing 3 shitty games to have 1 fun game is no longer worth it. Text if you're up for a run or two but I prefer the IRl format these days.