Leela Equivocashion (1st place, Trollune Lyon)

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Zodoh 273

I bring this deck during the Lyon (France) Store and it did 4/0 plus another one after the tournament. It worked better than I was expecting ! I ended by winning the Champ thanks to this lovely face.

So let's have a look to the cards and play-style...

The game plan is very simple :



Equivocation + Fisk Seminar + Leela add cards to HQ. And Gauntlet is here to access aaaaaall this cards


Easy Mark and Sure Gamble Quick burst of eco

Temujin To put on an unprotected (or really cheap) server with Sec Test (6 credits for a click) or can also be put on R&D if you are able to hammer it with equivocation. HQ is also a potential target when you really want to pressure it.

Dirty Laundry Land it whenever you can do it. You are a criminal, make money while running ffs ! Can be also use with Temujing and Sec Test wich is creating a net of 9 credits for a click.

Account Siphon Good, very good as always. Even better when Aaron marron is charged. Early scoring allow you to bounce the HQ ices and then land it without problem.

Tapwrm Once you done a successfull run, you can install it in order to force the corp to purge the virus and win a turn of tempo. The best use is to install it when the corp cannot purge without a consequent drawback (hand flooded, score an agenda)


Breach and Passport Easy access to central servers for a low cost, which is really good to maintain pression at the beginning

Mongoose pretty good sentry breaker, 2 installed is very efficient

Femme Fatale To use only if really needed. It is really expensive to install so if a ice is really taxing you may want to put it. I generally install it on ice like Quicksand protecting R&D or HQ.

Paperclip Nice barrier breaker, as you can draw a lot (aaron, Earthriste, Fisk) , it is easy to trash from hand and save the install click.

Gordian Blade One of the best code gate breaker for me... It saves a lot of money when several code-gate are protecting a same server

Draw and Tutors

Special order Nothing new here, we need our breakers. Following the corp and the playstyle get the central breakers or the big ones !

Earthrise Clickless draw

Fisk Investment Seminar Giving the corp 3 cards is generally not a good idea... however when they already have 5 cards in HQ... and you Fisk, and Equivocation up to 3 card in HQ and bounce a card with leela... 13 cards at the beginning of the next turn is hard for the corp to handle ! This is perfect to disrupt a scoring or a purge on a tapwrm. Ah and yes... you also draw 3 cards which is awesome !

Beth Kilrain-Chang A simple toolbox here... Very cool if you have it at the beginning of the game. It was the last card I added but I guess it could be changed. 5 clicks is really powerfull btw.

Self Modifying Code mainly here to retrieve the equivocation or another program if equivocation is already here (avoid dead draw of a second equivocation).

Aaron Marron clickless draw and tag removing during account siphon


Equivocation Really strong when you can access R&D multiple time. You flood the corp hand and if you find an agenda you are bouncing installed card. This is gold and I did a lot !

Legwork strong when the corp has some card in hand, nothing new here

Gauntlet Strong when accessing HQ. To prevent account siphon generally you can have up to 3 ice protecting HQ which allow you to access up to 4 cards. Also +2 MU (YAY!)

Gauntlet + Legwork Remember when I was talking about Fisk and equivocation flood ? Both are stacking... Godlike.

Ah yes, a last point. Remote can be treatened by inside job and your ton of eco, do not forget that !

Thank you for reading, sorry for my english... Any comments, ideas, advises is appreciated !

20 Mar 2017 tonybluehose

I like the build! I'm using The Gauntlet out of Leela; access all the cards! :)

20 Mar 2017 qvm

Maybe try Hostage to get that beth out quicker. Also finds Aaron

20 Mar 2017 Lupus Yonderboi

I lazily netdecked, Zodoh came with something of his own. I ended 2nd, Zodoh ended 1st. Life is, huh... Ah fuck it, life is fair :)

20 Mar 2017 Zodoh

@tonybluehose thx, gauntlet is kind of mvp when the flood is real!

@qvm Mmmh I could think about that yeah ! I put Beth as a slot but I think that I can however get rid of her. At first this slot was for a Find the Truth but wasn't worth.

@Lupus Yonderboi Ah I got a bit lucky because you were in a far better state than me! What was your leela deck ?

21 Mar 2017 CodeMarvelous

@Zodohtook this for a spin on Jnet. Went 3-0 the leela power turn with Equivocation is nuts. Power draw.

alt text

21 Mar 2017 Zodoh

@CodeMarvelousI am really happy to hear that you tested it and get this score ! Thank you for your notification ! The flood power is real :D

21 Mar 2017 Nubaris

@ZodohHi, I'm a noob in NR an I would like to know when do you use Security Testing? Which is its strategy?

21 Mar 2017 Lupus Yonderboi

@Zodoh : simply deck of the last week : netrunnerdb.com

21 Mar 2017 Zodoh

@Nubaris actually, whenever you have it in hand, just install it. 2 installed are not necessary. At the beginning of your turn you can choose to put the Sec Test on an unprotected server. So when you are running on it, you gain 2 creds instead of accessing (1 click -> 2 creds). Besides, if you have a Temujin on an unprotected server and/or a Dirty laundry in hand you can put sec test on it and then with a click generates 4 (Temujin) + 3 (Dirty laundry) +2 (Sec Test) credits !

@Lupus Yonderboi ah yeah, I saw it ! Cool aswell but a very different play style.

25 Mar 2017 te0.

A very fun deck to play. Equivocation is such a good card. I don't think Beth is essential though, just a nice addition. Could switch it out for another SMC to find your Equivocation or set up faster.

25 Mar 2017 Zodoh

@te0. I note that. In fact this could be a reasonable alternative !

26 Mar 2017 te0.

Another nice addition is Möbius. With Equivocation out or even a Temujin on R&D there's a lot of synergy. I cut the Femme as I never really find I need it.

27 Mar 2017 Zodoh

@te0.I build it up to Quorum, and I agree Möbius is stronk right here ! I used femme in few cases but each time it was worth (quicksand on R&D for example).

13 Apr 2017 Pilgrim

This is really fun, played a couple of times now! I found starting with good econ is a nice start. Any thoughts on good starting hands and plays @Zodoh? I changed it up for the new MWL by removing Beth Kilrain-Chang for the Temüjin Contract influence and removed a Dirty Laundry to add two Möbius which works wonders especially after a good Leela fire on R&D.