Hayley Cash Pile v1.0

BountyHunterSAx 21

So, I've come up with something thats new (for me) and fun. Mostly. I mean - its actually fun but not so great. Unless everyone's playing HB Friends-Glacier and/or rig-shooter and/or moneyfight Weyland and/or FA Jemison for some reason. In which case its awesome.


Tapwrm power

To understand the power of the deck I first have to dwell on the power of Tapwrm. Tapwrm will always give you ~11%-20% of the corp's current value. By itself, pretty menial, I admit. But when coupled with 8$/turn of drip it lets you effortly outpace most corps quickly. Heck, a card like "Peace in Our Time" sets the corp up to start paying you off while giving you your needed early game setup costs!

If the corp is on 10$, you will catch up at the start of your turn from 0. If the corp is on 30$, you will catch up in two turns. 16$ from your income, and 12$ from Tapwrm. By itself.

In short: It makes "outmoneying the runner" a bad long term strategy for the corp altogether. Further, lets not forget that with your rig down most your expesnses are paid. Most ICE break for 2-4$; meaning a 4ICE deep server of Ichi1.0, Lotus Field, Fairchild 3.0 and Vanilla breaks for what you'll make back just for starting your turn!

So they purge the Tapwrm.

Right away the BIGGEST problem with big rig, big-money shaper is solved: Your opponent just skipped his turn for you! Now all you need to do is clone-chip it back into play and they have to decide if its worth giving you all your start of turn money AGAIN while skipping their next turn. Still, it wouldn't be too bad if it was that simple. The next step is the Sacrificial Construct which prevents the trashing. That combination means: a.) They skip their turn b.) You get paid c.) You have 4 clicks to try to put down another sac con or set up more recurring income/ power rig.

This makes Sacrificial Construct good in any matchup -- and free-install off Hayley ability most the time.

SacCon exploitation

With Sac Con now an integral part of our rig, we can afford big-ass breakers like Atman at 4 or 5 with little fear of ordinary rig-shooting batty-trash techniques. So lets double down on our own usage of it. Clot is powerful, but Clot + Sacrificial construct makes Fast Advance truly suffer. With Personal Workshop in our rig we can float the clot on it and 'bring it off' when useful. With 3 clonechips we can recur it from the trash. With Sac Con, they can't just CVS through it either ;)! The point is - if you're more worried about Fast Advance, then use the Tapwrm's to force purges. If you're not, then use Sac Con to make their Tapwrm purging impossible.

Win Condition

With tons of money, and efficient-ish runs (or at least, high enough income to allow 1 run per turn), I use a combination of remote-locking and R&D-Interface to close it out. It goes so much faster out of Hayley than Kate that I recently cut the drug dealers in favor of a Rumor Mill. Prior to that I'd been winning games against Sandburg glaciers, Scarcity-of-Resources plays, Battys and Caprices by sheer chutzpah. Now I'll have an answer. . . albeit at the cost of my self respect.

I'm a sucker for Equivocation but it's probably a little worse than R&D-Interface. In this published version I made the switch but privately I still tend to run Equivocation and use it when I'm at the "no card in your deck can possibly save you from me now" stage . . . R&D-I I could use whenever so its probably a little better, hence the include.

Bottom Line:

The deck is fun. For a 'passive' deck it's actually quite interactive and offers tons of decision points on when to back-off from setup and when to commit to it more. It's NOT optimized. Levy is my safety-net and SoT my secure tightrope for my safety net. I have only ever used it once in a game and it hasn't been actually critical. The deck really ought to be packing a Feedback Filter; you've got the money and it gives more lategame inevitability by closing those outs.

But for a v1.0 edition with my favorite Shaper (tied with Kit), this thing packs a very solid win-rate. It doesn't have to run ParaSifr OR Temujin and works solidly for the current meta against anything not called 'prison'.

Try it out :)!