[up to Spin 3] Damage!

hitechbunny 9

22 Mar 2017 Krams

Unfortunately, advanceable ICE have always been a bit on the weak side and Tyrant and Salvage in particular are on the weaker end of this weak concept.

And of course, without the Order and Chaos expansion, you are missing some very basic support for advanceable ICE strategies, making it even harder to build a decent deck out of this concept.

But for starters, I think there are some minor improvements you could try out:

  • Replace Tyrant and Salvage with different ICE. Maybe a simple Wall of Static would be enough (you have lots of other ICE to advance anyways). Or add a 2nd copy of some of the Sentries for more consistency.
    Don't use so many 1-of Sentries. They're all fine, but they're all very specific, which makes your deck somewhat inconsistent. Hunter is pretty taxing for it's cost, when both player are using a limited cardpool.
    Maybe something like -1 Draco, +1 Hunter, -1 Tyrant, +1 Hadrian's Wall, -2 Salvage, +1 Swarm, +1 Woodcutter.
  • Use more copies of Project Atlas, it's your best agenda. Maybe try -2 Posted Bounty, -1 Private Security Force, +2 Atlas. That would also free up one card slot.
  • Playing 49 cards is always a nice way to reduce your overall agenda density. Because between defending with slow, advaneable ICE and killing the runner with Scorch, you don't want to get your HQ flooded with agendas! So add some stuff. Maybe a third Jackson Howard. (Even less agenda flooding!) You have 1 influence left anyways, so why not?
  • Add some more economy to be able to win those traces when you have to. Maybe by adding more copies of Melange and PAD Campaign.