Risk Management

Wakks 105

Lower Mid Tier Clairvoyance Take 2 on a Lower Mid Tier Supermodernism style for the Blackjack player in all of us. Like most decks, it loses to the current Anarch nonsense. But anyway, you're going to sit opposite your opponent and use use Accelerated Diagnostics raw without help from the devil himself. You weigh odds based on what you've drawn so far and your belief in R.N.Jesus, letting it rip hoping to make oodles of cash and draw cards you would have lost from Diagnostics.

Like The Foundry with Accelerated Beta Test, playing operations that draw cards will save the ice and agendas that would get sent to the bin. Like Architect, order matters, so don't be rearranging the cards you peek at with Diagnostics. Play the money operations first, letting the Clearances and Tips pick up any whiffs. The most important thing to remember is that you have 9 operations that draw cards for you. Don't be afraid to get your tubes twisted by Diagnostics either. If you haven't seen much econ, it's bound to be somewhere. Maybe it's all in the next 3 draws, and Diagnostics is ready to just make you handfuls of credits. Handfuls!

Sometimes you'll fuck up, and that's OK, because this deck isn't winning any tournaments in the near ever. This is a deck that hones your sixth sense to the point where you'll have clairvoyance in any game you play with any deck, before you even begin turn 0.

The ice suite is pretty flexible. Many choices here were because other ice is in other Weyland decks like my big barrier NASX Ad Blitz Gagarin and Bwob's Builder of Nations that I've been playing since ever. (I love how I can stare a runner down that has 6 points and still feel like I can win with that deck.) Also because my spouse plays Apex. In regards to the space ice, you shouldn't seek to get full value from the discounting effect. That makes what they are painfully obvious. The agenda suite doesn't lend to their play. I've got a 1x Hollywood Renovation instead of Priority Requisition in the version I'm playing because I also have Oaktown Renovation. The suite you see here is one based on not revealing agendas since you don't have any way to retaliate outside of them opening a window for you.

I've tried something like this in the lamest ID ever because of the freedom of influence, but the dependence on installation for the extra credits, and the change in ice and agenda selection made the deck feel like molasses. Hostile Takeover is so damn important. An overadvanced Atlas generally leads to 2 more points, putting the thumb on the runner very quickly and making you cash while you do it. Hostile also doubles as bait for bigger agendas. The remote tends to be taxing, and slow rolling a Hostile can lead to creating a window for a larger agenda.

Sadly Diagnostics, Green, and Blue Level Clearances will be leaving us when fall comes. I don't know if I'll ever come to play Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World after that. Hitting a big Diagnostics feels really good.