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deleriad 104

This is a new version of a Sunny onesies deck that I've been using in local league. Played 5, won 3 but one of the losses was definitely pilot error. It draws on all the juicy genetics from The Valley and combines them with the old standby - Wyldside - along with Sunny's own Globalsec Security Clearance. The rest is all about the link.

Aside from the thematic wonderfulness of Sunny's genetically enhanced kids this deck actually manages to give her what she needs: cards and money and a Clot or two to buy her some time.

Like any sunny deck, she can nibble away with Jak Sinclair runs and a Security Nexus or breaker up. The power of a Security Chip on 5+ link is eye-watering.

Daily Casts might seem like an underwhelming choice for the single card. Partly I don't have Underworld Contact. I tried Peace in Our Time but it spent most of its time in my hand as a dead card. I do like Another Day, Another Paycheck but it tends to be brilliant or useless without much in between. Again I don't have Dirty Laundry but that does risk getting locked out (though thematically it would be so cool). So Daily Casts gives a sort of slow burst for just one click that will nearly always be worth playing. Plus it doesn't take influence and leaves room for the second Clot.

Corps in my league are either HB fast advance (hence Clot) and everybody else Kill (hence link and money).

It's actually really fun to play and surprisingly adaptive. Your chronotype can combo with Globalsec (day job) or Wyldeside (party time) or both once you've been to the Gene Conditioning Shoppe.

(Note that league does not use MWL)

24 Mar 2017 Jak_the_flipper

Did you consider Data Folding over Daily Casts? Nonstandard choice, but shines in Sunny, because she's never going to be short of the mem.

24 Mar 2017 deleriad

@Jak_the_flipperaktheflipper I did consider it. It takes longer to pay back than Underworld Contact. Given the click to draw it and the click to play it, it takes 4-5 turns just to break even. In the early game when Sunny has a lot of expenses it's not great. I really wish Peace in Our Time had proved to be more useful.

24 Mar 2017 Jak_the_flipper

Sure, just you said you didn't have Underworld Contact. Folding is all about momentum, but if early game is your problem, then it's not what you need.

24 Mar 2017 deleriad

It feels to me that the extra 1 point of cost for Data Folding compared to Underworld contacts is a surprisingly huge disincentive. If I could fit Career Fair in then Data Folding would be a no-brainer but the format rules it out.