Hack it like Hell

Exilstimme 10

The main strategy of this deck is to get the different programs installed on Baba Yaga and run through any ice fortress easily. Therefore there are cards like Special Order and Selfmodifying Code to get the machine working. By Ele's stealth keyword she can fuel the payed abilities of the ice breakers. And finances should be fine in this deck, too. I played it in a store tournement and it worked extremely well. Try out and leave a comment. Thanks!

24 Mar 2017 x3r0h0ur

I would suggest running 3x clone chip over 3x special order, the clone chips act like self modifying codes once you've found one. You save yourself some influence that way. You'd have 3 free influence for whatever you need (silencer or something?)

24 Mar 2017 Exilstimme

Hmm...maybe some mixture at least. Special Order is very fast, It does not depend on any aid. But maybe I could reduce the "Orders" a bit. I'll think about it...

25 Mar 2017 Myriad

Heck, I would even try the new shaper program that lets you host the top five over special order. It would speed up your installs for BabaYaga and it would keep them all someplace while you are searching for the first few pieces.

Maybe its garbage, but it would also let you play with new cards!