It's A Connection, Right?

Handsome Jack 1588

Station One is here everybody! Do you know what that means? MCA INFORMANT! Break away from Aaron Moron's Tyranny! Down with runners!


MCA Informant+Corporate Troubleshooter= Death

For some reason Corporate Troubleshooter is a connection. It's a mystery as to why, but it serves the purpose as being a handy little host for our dear MCA Informant. Protect him with Data Wards and Prisecs until you get Scorch + Archived. Then kill. If they make a run on him, rez Zealous Judge for maximum suffering. If you so wish, you may also use MCA to rid yourself of the aforementioned Aaron Moron or Beth Killher Chang.

Have Fun!

25 Mar 2017 1337J4NK5P4MM3R

i love the idea, but somehow i think there is an errata incoming?!

25 Mar 2017 Handsome Jack

I sure hope not. Then I will be sad.

25 Mar 2017 eXister

Saw somewhere errata - it can be hosted on CT!!!

25 Mar 2017 DatLo

Yo. Yo. Private Security Force. This is it. Its time to shine. Do it.

25 Mar 2017 eXister

@DatLo, shhh dont tell anyone :D i was suprised that this wasnt in this deck

25 Mar 2017 eXister

In fact that could mean also auto include of PolOp in a decks

25 Mar 2017 Handsome Jack

@DatLo Thanks for the idea... Heheheh

25 Mar 2017 Theyos

@eXister CT doesn't need to be rezzed to host it. So add in Drive By whilst you're at it.

25 Mar 2017 Phoenix

Why not add Big Brother and BOOM! instead of Scorched Earth? Can probably do away with the Zealous Judge then and play 2x BOOM!?

Also with MCA Informant being a superb way of killing off Aaron MarrĂ³n, Hard-Hitting News is also probably a worthy include?

26 Mar 2017 Exilstimme

Incredible! But it looks a bit too heavy for me...there really might be an errata the next weeks. Otherwise I see a new must have deck on the horizon!^^

26 Mar 2017 StarlightCrusade

Or you could remove the 2X Breaking News and the Archived Memories, and put in another Scorched Earth (and a 2 point agenda, of course).

26 Mar 2017 gozik

Plz make this deck of the week.

29 Mar 2017

Gameplan is to wait for Scorched Earth (single include) and Archived Memories (single include)? I would call that optimistic :-)

1 Apr 2017 Snake Eyes

I've been slotting political operative against this combo.

Funny thing though, polop is a connection, so you can't really pre-play it very well since it in itself is a primo target.