Moat (CI Prison)

MrHuds0n 1158


This is an experimental CI deck which aims to hard-lock your opponent by taking away four clicks at the start of his turn using Victoria Jenkins and three copies of Load Testing. I was made aware of this idea on a recent Store Championship and I really wanted to try out something like this, mostly because strange CI combo decks are what I really like (like Fashion CI). I heard someone attempted this deck in Custom Biotics as well, but I think the giant handsize of CI here is necessary. Of course you could try to do it in Biotics as well, I ain't stopping you.

The object of the game is to simultaneously have on the field the following cards:

Victoria removes the Runner's first click, the last three are removed by playing three Load Testings. Then you gain a click from Jeeves during which you can do something. I would suggest first scoring Mandatory Upgrades so you get more clicks.

There are two ways of attempting this.

HQ Combo:

Prerequisites: All of the combo cards + 3x Load Testing + Biotic Labour + 2x Shipment from MirrorMorph, 12 credits

  • Biotic
  • SfMM (Jeeves, Victoria, Museum), rez everything
  • SfMM (3x Clone Suffrage Movement), rez everything
  • Load Testing
  • Load Testing (gain Jeeves click)
  • Load Testing

Power Shutdown Combo

Prerequisites: Power Shutdown, Accelerated Diagnostics, Jackson, Jeeves, Biotic, SfMM in hand. No Interns, Load Testings, Subliminal or Reclamation Order in hand. 19 credits.

This combo is subject to all of the normal modifiers of CI7 (so like, if you have three additional installables in hand you don't care about interns, instead using SfMM to install them from hand).

  • Biotic Labour (4 ****)
  • Shipment from MirrorMorph - Jackson, Jeeves, anything else. Rez everything (7 ***)
  • Power Shutdown the entire deck (8 **)
  • Accelerated Diagnostics - Reclamation Order (name Accelerated Diagnostics), Interns (Jackson), Subliminal Messaging (9 **)
  • Accelerated Diagnostics - Reclamation Order (name Clone Suffrage Movement), Interns, Interns (these will be two of Victoria, Jackson, Museum). Gain Jeeves Click. (10 **)
  • Accelerated Diagnostics - 3x Load Testing (11 *)
  • Shipment from MirrorMorph - 3x Clone Suffrage Movement, rez everything (19)

There are many variants of this combo when you don't have particular cards or you do have excessive cards, or have more cash, or other stuff happens. Generally you need to use your brain and figure out when you can combo out.

Support cards:

  • Snatch and Grab - you can use this during or after your combo to easily dump your credits against Beth or kill Joshua B.

  • The Future is Now - you can Biotic it out to find Victoria Jenkins and toss her into the trash so you don't lose her.

  • Enforced Curfew - against Employee Strike

What this deck loses to:

  • Medium digs
  • Siphon spam
  • CI hate
  • Dumb luck when they steal Jenkins
26 Mar 2017 Artacker44

Already posted a very similar decklist yesterday(

Priority Requisition is quite a useless Agenda to play where Executive Retreat can be useful against Gang Sign HQ Interface Hades Shard Shenanigans.

Because this deck only plays one Museum it is not that hard to go down to a 49 decksize with this to combo more reliably by cutting 2 GFI. Question is whether it is a good thing to look more like standard CI7.

The 2nd Jeeves and 3rd SfMM seem redundant to me and could be cut for a smaller deck.

Notice how Jeeves is a better version of Director Haas. So i hope they also make a better Version of Victoria Jenkins for NBN like if the Runner spend or lost 3 clicks during his or her turn the runner loses one click.

27 Mar 2017 Simone Suka

gfi is useless. They just need 3 agendas for winning(unless 3 gfi). You could just switch those 3 for a Localized Product Line and other agendas