Poop Scoop edition #2 (SC 1st, 3rd, 1st)

Mr.Jank 272

alt text

Changes Traded News Teams (slow them down) for Sensie (speed me up)

-1 Boom (not have all eggs in 1 basket) for 3 Mumba Temple (identity use +annoy +money)

Pop ups/Data Pikes/Macro (slow them down) for Vanilla/Cobra/Little Engine/Tollbooth/Ip Block (force them to get breakers)

-Quantum (not as useful with Aaron)
for Chonos Project (extra great 24/7 target)

Closed Accounts & All seeing (never fires when i want it to ;( ) for Keegan & Hard Hitting (annoying)

In swiss 3 flatlines. Dropped 1 game to Dien which is quite funny considering I did all the tweeks to help deal with his current Andy build which would crap all over my tracers. Forced me to make the deck faster. He brought a Chaos Fear The Masses deck with Public Sympathy which kept him alive through 2 Booms. He bookmarked all his Fear The Masses so was able to beat me anyways. Milled my whole deck. Used all 3 Jacksons to basically have R&D full of agendas and lost. Good job buddy ;)

Went undefeated in finals All Flatlines

Basically score Breaking news and anything faster then they can get Aaron on the table 24/7 kill. Even better get a Breaking news in a protected server advance. Score & Boom next turn.
This deck wins very fast. There are lots of ways to beat it if they get the right counters fast enough so don't let that happen. Despite Aaron I flatlined in every game except one(that didnt have Aaron) so still happy with it. MVP Archangel It stops the early Medium digs and can also pop up an Aaron at the right time (sometimes). Lots of time when they focus on preventing the kill(Plascrete) They forget about the Global feed into EOI.

Adjustments After playing this tourney and play testing further -Keegan & Little Engine (never fires / Sifr & Shaper bullpoop)
for Suggestions? (you tell me!)

30 Mar 2017 CactusJack

@Mr.JankYou summoned me? :D

30 Mar 2017 Klopstock

Great deck! Really love the crossover between Russian NEH and Boom NEH. After a couple of games, I really liked the Keegan Lane. Although he did not fire once, he seemed like a good safety net. But maybe I am just at the point where you were, when you put him into the deck and I need to play some more to realise that he is used too little to warrant the slot. And, yeah, the Engines also did not really convince me. But all in all, great deck!

My swaps would be -1 Keegan Lane, -1 Little Engine, +1 Best Defense, +1 IP Block.

The Best Defense is nice for the Double Tap through a Placrete if you can land multiple tags, but is also good at sniping SMCs, Artist Colonies, TAPWRMs and other annoying stuff. Generally it is a really cool card, which I included in many decks when there was deckspace left. With tagging, it gets even better.

And the IP Block ... don't know if that is the right call, but I just like this ICE. Yeah, Link makes it sad, but its tax-to-cost ratio is otherwise really good and gets even better when there are AIs around or the Runner goes tag-me.

31 Mar 2017 Mr.Jank

Thanks Klopstock I'll try those out! great input thank you!
CactusJack I love it!!!