Good Stuff Los

DrunkAlex 328

Edit: exchanged career fair for 2x security testing and 1x freedom for equility. A better choice in the long run.

Another Los build to add to the heap on netrunnerdb :D.

Los is good. It once again rewards aggressive styles of play criminals used to be know for. The fun thing about his ability is that there are a lot of cards that compliment it. Hitchcock is a clear example of a focussed deck trying to fully compliment his abilities.

This deck takes a more broader approach, trying to minimise the moving parts Hitchcock takes, while still complimenting the ID. It also tries to keep focus on another essential part of netrunner: multi access.

In essence I took all the stuff that used to work well in aggressive criminal decks, and added the Los flavour to it.

Why no Bird Breakers?

Short answer: I don't like the amount of influence and support they need to make them work to maximum potential. For the same amount of influence I can get better breakers and criminal have more options to derez ice. More specifically: Crescentus takes over the job of the bird breakers. You might not be able to do it as often as with Sahasrara+Birds, but it will still be annoying enough.

Why no Security Testing/Dirty Laundry/other aggressive crim support cards

Simple: Deck space. In order to make room for the rez/derez suite. You could for example remove Career Fair in order to make room for Security Testing. Something I'll probably test out in the future.

Happy running!