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Good news, everyone! MWL3 has been spoiled, and it contains a "super" MWL which makes certain cards cost 3 additional influence. You know what one of those cards is? Rumor Mill. Don't believe me? Check out this highly reliable screenshot of a 4chan post I didn't alter in anyway.

alt text

Can we have fun with upgrades again? Well that depends on if mono orange becomes a thing, but I'd like to be cautiously optimistic and say: "Yes." Let's pull out those dusty Caprice Niseis and Marcus Battys and build a deck.

Nisei Division, seriously?

That's correct, Pālanā Foods will make more money than Nisei, but you have to consider three things:

  1. Money is earned at different rates. Pālanā Foods gives you slow drip economy throughout the game; Nisei relies on the runner to activate psi bids for you. Whenever you go to score, hopefully you have a Psi Ice, Caprice, and Batty all on your scoring remote. This gives you a lot of burst money on the turn you need it most--the turn you are trying to score. Maintaining that upgraded scoring remote is surprisingly easy thanks to Friends in High Places.
  2. Psi Ice is cheap and actually playable with this ID.
  3. Haven't you ever wanted to be a special Snowflake?

But psi bids are random and dumb

No your dumb.1 Also, no they aren't. Check out this interesting thread explaining Nash Equilibrium and how it relates to psi bids.

Things to know

  • MoGo gains the Psi subroutine. This gives Upayogo a hard ETR.
  • Overdrawing and discarding Shock! is a convenient way to slow down Temüjin Contract for a minimal investment.
  • With Mind Game, attempt to redirect the opponent to an archives filled with Shock!.
  • If you decide to install an ice on archives, try to use Snowflake or Upayoga. You would definitely want to do this if a criminal player starts playing Security Testing to avoid your Shock!. In addition, if you redirect to archives with Mind Game and the ice triggers, you can bid 0 to gain 1 for that sick Nisei value.
  • On your scoring remote, try to place a hard ETR so Batty can ETR.
  • This deck is most susceptible to economy denial. Don't be afraid to play cautiously and place the first upgrade on HQ to turn off Account Siphon or Vamp. You have seven of them, so it shouldn't be an issue finding one. Once you score a Nisei MK II you earn a lot of breathing room.
  • Rototurret and Batty are best pals. Try to pair them together. A fired program destruction can be an outright game win against decks that have little to no recursion.
  • You probably don't want to score a 3-pointer unless you are going to win the game. Try to get those Nisei MK II tokens; Fast Track will help you find it.
  • Play Scarcity of Resources as soon as you can if you suspect Rumor Mill. You want to annoy them into using it early instead of being able to surprise you on a scoring turn.
  • Macrophage is a great counter to Medium. Almost always stick it on R&D.

What about __?

  • “What about Saving 6 influence and replace those Sweeps Weeks with Restructures?” This deck has trouble getting to 10 quick. I don't recommend it. I'd definitely switch to IPO once its released.
  • “What about dropping those currents once MWL3 goes live since you don't have to worry about Rumor Mill?” Absolutely. I recommend Subliminal Messaging and NASX.
  • “What about switching to 9 agenda comp by dropping GFI, 1 FP, and Fast Track for 2 CST, 1 NAPD?” I played this a bit, but I value getting an early Nisei MK II more thanks to Fast Track. I also almost always get stuck scoring 4 agendas with a 9 agenda comp which is expensive and slow.
  • “What about dropping those 0 str ice once MWL3 this and Şifr is out of the meta?” Agreed, just not sure what would be better.

Better get that gif in

alt text

1Sarcasm doesn't require emoticons.

2 Apr 2017 aunthemod

The psi ice looks really taxing for ai breakers, must be nice vs. siphon spam

2 Apr 2017 coffeeyay

Hey that's my thread about the Psi game! Glad to see it's still getting read :)

3 Apr 2017 igrekk

Film Critic is pretty dangerous for this deck, so I would recommend at least one Voter Intimidation.

3 Apr 2017 MTUCache

"No Your Dumb" is my favorite phrase, so you get +1 just for using it (or, you will, over on reddit).

Fun deck. Couple of minor questions...

1.) Shock seems kinda meh here. Maybe these spots go to Honeyfarm once TD drops? I mean, I get that Archives can be a free income stream for some runners, but I think I'd rather have a Crick (or two) in those slots to punish Archive runs (also a free way to get back your Hyoubus, which you must have forgotten). :p

2.) No Mushin? 2 clicks for 3 credits + 4 clicks of actions make that one of the best econ cards in your faction.

3.) Is Scarcity the best current here? I mean, yeah, probably, but Cerebral Static feels so much better when you completely hose a Runner's gameplan with it.

3 Apr 2017 Sheshonk

@coffeeyay Fortunately for me, I still had it bookmarked back around the time when you wrote it.

@igrekk Definitely something to worry about if its in your meta. Fortunately, I haven't seen one around for quite sometime.

@MTUCache Honeyfarm is a great idea! I didn't think of that.

The deck is probably short a few assets before Crick would be playable. It wouldn't hurt slotting in mental health clinics, but with all the anti asset tech floating around I'm not sure that would work out so well.

While mushin is a great card, it doesn't help the strategy I'm shooting for. This deck is about setting up a single taxing remote and dragging the runner through multiple times thanks to upgrades. For mushin to work you would need to change up the deck composition and include traps. At that point you'd probably be better off playing PE or potatoes.

There are definitely times cerebral static shines, but that's generally in prison decks to counter whiz. You want to see some real hosing? Drop a scarcity against an Andromeda turn 1.

4 Apr 2017 Damien Stark

What about Cobra in place of Rototurret? Same rez cost, no influence cost, 1 STR instead of 0, and still lets you Batty fire the program trash...

5 Apr 2017 Sheshonk

@Damien Stark The ETR roto provides is really important for rushing.