Fat Stack MaxX

phette23 2212

100-card MaxX deck for an April Fools tournament. Shout out to @mendax for building the original Tower of Power MaxX list & everyone else who's been like "what if I just put all the good Anarch cards in a deck?"

Rules for Building This Deck: 3x or no-x (except Rebirth lol), no Levy, no regrets. This deck is probably tier one if you play Şifr. Though at least you'll never draw it.

4 Apr 2017 Murphy

3x of every card really helps your consistency here.

5 Apr 2017 phette23

Oh it's super consistent. You always draw Rebirth is the best part.

5 Apr 2017 krh372

I'm curious how Paige Piper would do here

5 Apr 2017 Urziel

Deck looks impressive and in the tournament seeing that maaaassive stack would be really hilarious.

6 Apr 2017 Aedrill

@krh372 But what would you cut?!

6 Apr 2017 phette23

Any card that needs to be seen early to be effective isn't at its best in a hundred-card deck, so I don't think Paige fits, though it's an interesting thought. Other than breakers & a few of the resources, you also want to draw a lot of your duplicates.