Gagarin Deep SpaceX (funded by PayPal)

Crowe 222

49 card version of Microtransactions, with some minor changes (no real 5/3s, because I have no balls). Renamed due to Elon Musk related thematic reasons.

With the addition of Self-Adapting Code Wall, this deck becomes an unrelenting beast.

The general aim of the deck is to make obscene bank by abusing NASX, and use your Gagarin tax to protect remotes full of Commercial Bankers Group and Indian Union Stock Exchange, which can be recurred with Clone Suffrage Movement and Friends in High Places.

Ideally, you want to be in a position where you have a Sanburg protected by either a Lotus Field or a Self-Adapting Code Wall (and a Guard, against Crim), iced up centrals (with Sandburg, 1 is generally going to be taxing enough), and a remote to score out of. Everything is designed to synergize with NASX to pump out cash.

A typical turn can look like:

  1. Gain 1 from Corporate Sales Team, pay credits into NASX
  2. Gain 3 from Commercial Bankers Group, pay into NASX
  3. Rez a Clone Suffrage Movement, triggering Indian Union Stock Exchange, paying into NASX
  4. Play an out of faction card relevant to the situation, triggering Indian Union Stock Exchange, paying into NASX
  5. Gain 16 credits from NASX
  6. Play friends in high places to bring back NASX and any other ice/combo piece that has been trashed.

With multiple Commercial Bankers Group on the board, this engine becomes difficult for even the richest runners to manage.

Silver bullets: Scarcity of Resources is your counter current if rumour mill is played, and can cause serious problems for many runner's economies. Elizabeth Mills deals with Val + blackmail, and destroys the Slums. Best Defense has far too many good targets to name. Ark Lockdown exiles pesky parasites, D4V1Ds, and other silver bullets against you. Cyberdex Trial kills Tapwyrm, and can be good for recovering from medium runs without wasting a whole turn purging. It also gains you a credit with Indian Union Stock Exchange, triggering NASX.

Most of the ice gains you a credit with Indian Union Stock Exchange (Weyland ice sucks). Tour Guide is great against D4V1D, and Sapper can ruin people's day if it is buffed with Sandburg (and Ark Lockdown is always a great follow up). With two IUSE's on the board, the cost to rez chimera each turn becomes irrelevant, and also this triggers NASX should you wish to pay in.

All of your agendas, except Global Food Initiative, gain you money (triggering NASX).

Not sure if I need so much ice. The vanillas and maybe a sapper can be dropped for maybe Subliminal Messaging, Launch Campaigns, Private Contracts, etc. Anything neutral that triggers IUSE is good.