Axlotl 2605


Ireress + Bad Pub + Slee = lol.

Midway those pesky Yog players.

Woodcutter OP.

9 Apr 2017 Axlotl

4 games on JNet - 4 wins, 3 scoring out, one slee kill. This stupid deck is fun as hell.

9 Apr 2017 Axlotl

followed by 2 losses. lol.

9 Apr 2017 SourSweet


9 Apr 2017 lostgeek

Hi, nice Slee deck! I couldn't get the Ireress to work.. Even with Midway Station Grid most runners are rich enough to pay the fee. Also scoring agendas to give yourself bad pub works against Hive.

But using Bryan to get to absurd amounts of money is a nice way to end the run even with Macrophage and keep stacking that ICE.

I think you convinced me to splash Brian in my Palana Slee deck :)

9 Apr 2017 CommissarFeesh

I love the fact that you're using Midway and Iress, but I'm forced to ask... Without advancement shenanigans, why Woodcutter?

9 Apr 2017 Axlotl

Woodcutter was basically a joke include.

9 Apr 2017 Snake Eyes

Chop chop.

10 Apr 2017 Ulkrond

I actually like this deck! Good on you sir!