AMnG Whizz v0

Swekyde 11

Deprecated, old cached version of the list was published. Apparently I'm not allowed to delete an incorrect upload though.

10 Apr 2017 Klopstock

I can imagine that finding the Ice Carver proves to be quite difficult in this deck.

10 Apr 2017 Swekyde

Both Carver and Net-Ready Eyes are only nice in some match-ups. Having both breaks Fairchild 3.0 without Datasucker support, but I consider Fairchild 3.0 to be a prime Parasite target anyway.

Usually just one or the other is enough. Sifr and Parasite was enough to address any run where I would have needed to use an unsustainable amount of counters.

For some reason Lotus Field isn't super popular in my local meta. ICE suites are light almost like every deck is playing an asset spam strategy, even the ones that aren't.

11 Apr 2017 Jeffrey Bosboom

The writeup mentions Ice Carver, but it isn't in the list.

11 Apr 2017 Swekyde

Strange, the change I made just before the event of dropping the Inject for the Ice Carver didn't actually get reflected when I published the list.