AMnG Whizz v1

Swekyde 11

Based fairly loosely on the Worlds 2016 Whizzard deck, I took it mostly blind because winning is orange's part of the colour pie. Future revisions would likely take more draw.

I don't like my spread of Inject, Peddler and Retrieval Run due to the fact I was playing back-up MKUltra and Black Orchestra over a second copy of Yog.0 and Mimic.

Retrieval Run could probably go, Plascrete actually seemed dead in the local meta, and I could probably drop a third Employee Strike for Rumor Mill or a second Yog.0.

Money never felt like a problem, but finding important things like Ice Carver or NRE so that I could get into servers repeatedly with a fixed strength breaker felt like an issue. Might just be a play issue, I'll likely tinker with this a little more in the near future.