Food Coma A.K.A "SLEEpy Foods"

Handsome Jack 1588

Cool little Palana glacier/kill deck. Props to u/lostgeek for the idea. Basic gameplan is to try to score 4/2s to put pressure on the runner, while also burying centrals in horrendous ICE like Chiyashi and Macrophage especially. Neural EMP can zap some careless runners and can also finish the job before/after a Chief Slee punch. (Fire EMP before Slee if expecting IHW)


ICE Multisubs and good taxers. Vanilla can protect centrals and stall for time. DNA and Chiyashi and Macrophage are no-brainers, as well as Aiki being an annoying nuiscance in the early game.

Operations Monies and FiHP for Bryan/Caprice/Slee. Voter for Aaron Moron, but I've only had it fire once.

Assets Jackson and Slee.

Upgrades Caprice for agenda protection and Slee support. Bryan for moneymaking. Not sure if I want another, may cut FiHP, but not definite.

Agendas Agenda suite is alright, may need some tweaking. I think this deck needs some Clone Retirements because oftentimes I get to 6 points and it's a pain to score another 4/2.

12 Apr 2017 x3r0h0ur

I would think the econ is still light even wtih stinson, esp if the runner holds above 6 credits (which if they catch Bryan, they might). I would cut out the kusanagis, getting them advanced for subs seems too costly and slow. Put in 2 celeb gift, that might fix your econ woes. I think 1 Emp could be made gift too, or possibly make it a current or something to help the ID.

I think closing the game is tough because of your agenda spread. Most Palana run 3 nisei mk2, 3 TFP, 1 food, 1 sales team, or 3 nisei, 3 food, 1 TFP I think. This gives you a solid 4/2, 5/3, 4/2 or 4/2, 4/2, 5/3 scoring plan. Tweak the spread, and test if scoring is easier, then work out the rest IMO.

12 Apr 2017 Handsome Jack

Definitely good suggestons, although this already I've made edits. :) I cut a Kusanagi for some Celeb Gift and took out a FiHP (Hasn't done anything) for a Scarcity. I feel econ is definitely better now. Still tweaking the agenda suite though.

12 Apr 2017 whirrun

Out of interest, would it be possible to fire Batty during the encounter step, but before the runner breaks so as to put counters on Slee? Just a thought, but if so then he might be a good addition.

13 Apr 2017 Snake Eyes

I did a revamp of this. 3 celeb gifts added for Econ, -1 friends, +2 food, -2 project k -2cst -1 fetal -1 kakugo -1 lotus field plus some Marcus batties. Would recommend a current to get around Rumor Mill, tho I haven't personally had issues with it yet. On my mods 3/3 in the casual lobby. Slee hasn't done anything for me yet, considering cutting her - but the neutrals, Batty on painful subs, and voter intimidation have all lifted weight well. Added an Excalibur and another ice (it's assassin right now, but that ice is the wrong call)

Do love the one-of for chiyashi.

14 Apr 2017 lostgeek

Hey. Nice to see that you are trying to make this work better as well! :)

I think Fetal AI and The Future Perfect do not do enough work and I threw them all out for 3 Global Foods (but maybe I'm just too much of a coward to leave them in Archives) It is just better to be able to loose more agendas without loosing.

Right now I'm playing around with Sensei as a replacement for the Project Kusanagi, since they are too much of a tempo hit. It is 6c to break with Black Orchestra and combos nicely into Macrophage.

Also @whirrun: Batty does not combo with Slee since she only counts the unbroken subs on the card. Batty does not add a sub, he only resolves one.