bakunin75 116

draw up, gain money, ice hq, r&d

then play any amount of biotics

-> shipment out Victoria, jeeves, clone suffarge and friends any cards that were trashed from these

-> play 3x load testing

-> use Enhanced Login for a soft lock, when pieces are missing (very usual)

-> you now have 1 click for the rest of the game and the runner none -> get the agendas out :-)

13 Apr 2017 Benjen

Now, if you could find a way to Hasty Relocation / Accelerated Diagnostics those Load testings, that would be pretty slick.

14 Apr 2017 bakunin75

From my testing biotic servers the click gaining role for the one turn quite well and its more robust. I'm not sure adding more combo pieces is the way to go, most games I played I've only been able to get out an enhanced login log, which leaves you open to keyhole, siphon and so on..

15 Apr 2017 Leviathan

Pardon my ignorance, but when you have 1 click how are you supposed to install agendas and score out? Biotics help, but if you're using your Suffrages to return Load Testings to hand when do you get Biotics back to help you score from your one click?

19 Apr 2017 bakunin75

You can advance once per turn, thats right. If you score hades fragment thats not an issue however. Having said that it needs real careful planning to not deck yourself and get a full lock going.