What happened to Princess Space Kitten??!

Snake Eyes 4581


Been playing around with Jinteki Glacier with the new MWL. Eli 1.0 being freed up again is great for splashing again - although it's immediately overshadowed by Seidr Adaptive Barrier, which I think is overall a better and more interesting piece of ICE... since it also costs just 1 influence though, why not put both in? :D Chiyashi doesn't need to get played against every matchup - though costing 7 to break with paperclip can catch people off-guard (especially if they don't even have paperclip installed yet - net cost of 11 then)... the off-hand chance that someone is on AI breakers without a solution to Chiyashi is pretty slim, but in that instance it's pretty brutal.

Nothing too special to say about any of the codegates here - Macrophage is either amazing against certain decks, or does almost nothing. The nice thing about Macrophage against decks that have link or no viruses anyway, is that at least they can help power up Seidr Adaptive Barrier by taking up space. Edit: one cool thing I later noticed about Aiki is that if the runner loses the psi game it can trigger a Palana profit, so you can potentially make bucks off of it while you mess up the runner - or at worst be credit Neutral, if you force them to draw at a bad time)

Cobra is one of my favourite pieces of ICE so it follows me everywhere. I like it most in places where I can play Marcus Batty though.

For the events now - I think the only one that deserves any special mention is Psychokinesis - I didn't expect much from it when initially slotting it - but this card as a 1-of has won me games. I've had people with hard RnD locks on me, 2 RnD Interfaces, etc, and this card let me dig for the agenda and install it in my safe single scoring remote.

Scarcity of Resources is a mean current against several types of decks if you can play it early enough. Voter Intimidation can be nice against decks that have a highly loaded up Kati Jones or a fresh Temujin.

14 Apr 2017 SillySod

Excalibur? It has a good combo with Caprice and I'd guess that you will see less AI now that Faust is expensive and Sifr isn't around to help out cards like Alpha.

14 Apr 2017 Snake Eyes

I had a single Excalibur in my last version of this, but I cut it to go down to 18 ICE. I think it's worth a slot, there are definitely a couple of flex slots in this deck (going down to a single Macrophage is possible, or taking out a Mind Game is fine too.)

23 May 2017 TKO

Excalibur is nice with chiyashi. they need an ai to break, but then chiyashi is turned on.