Goodbye Val - the monstrous deck that couldn't be played

mao 656

Hope to see you soon shining like this Val! We'll miss you!

14 Apr 2017 InsetoVermelho


14 Apr 2017 Dunhere

What, no DDoS?

14 Apr 2017 mao

@Dunhere i have to be honest, i never felt the need of it. There is plenty of ice destruction and bypass. And also i didn't know what to take away for it.

14 Apr 2017 nutritionalzero

We don't miss people who play Val, that's for sure. Don't let the door hit your autism on the way out.

15 Apr 2017 mao

@nutritionalzero this is absolutely not an autistic deck, it's only super strong. Me too i never liked the solitaire game decks.