Stealth College, study guides included

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StarlightCrusade 91

Before you ask... I don't own Net Mercur. Or the barrier breaker equivalent of Dagger, for that matter. Or Houdini, not that I need him in this deck.

This deck aims to counter the slow rig/long set up of Stealth with Absurd Card Draw, as well as Peace in Our Time for those turns when you really want to just set up your stealth rig like crazy but also need crazy amounts of money to do it.

And also, on those set up turns, use it or lose it. Spend those stealth credits on the no-run turns to charge up Study Guide. Hence the name of the deck.

Once that's done, you've got the giant hand size to laugh at damage (unless you lose your Levy AR Lab Access's). You'll probably wait to play Encore until the Levy AR Lab Access hits. Or go for R& D Access. Or just save your Magnum Opus credits.

Good opening hands:

Magnum Opus

Study Guide + Cloak

Multiple breakers, especially with Peace in Our Time

Adjusted Chronotype

Beach Party + Game Day

Combos of the above.

I'm still waiting to draw my dream hand: Adjusted Chronotype, Beach Party, Beach Party, Game Day, Peace in Our Time. 14 cards, 10 credits, and still two actions left to install stuff (hopefully the Gene Conditioning Shoppe is in there), all on turn #2.