RP's Last Hurrah

norat13 13

I was playing around with Mordeqai's Alcatraz deck when saetzero published his Political deck. I immediately wondered what would happen if you combined the two. This list is the result. A kinder, gentler RP that just wants to make all the credits before scoring all the points.

You spend the early game getting your economic engine going. If the runner trashes the Turtlebacks and Sundews, just spend your turn to click for credits, especially when Jeeves Model Bioroids is in play. Lotus Field or Komainu go on the central you're most worried about for the early game.

Play the shell game with your agendas until you can get a remote server set-up. My favorite is stacking Chiyashi just to see the look on the runner's face.

Possible changes: - With the new MWL, I'd drop 1 Lotus Field. - Depending on your meta, I'd drop the Macrophage and 1 Cyberdex Virus Suite. - And since I don't tend to trigger the Political Dealings very often, I'd drop down to 2 copies of it. - Ideally, I'd add 1 Clone Suffrage Movement and 2 Eli 1.0

Suggestions are welcome! I've had a blast playing this, and since I can't go to regionals this year (Boo real life scheduling!), I wanted to release this build to the wild.

15 Apr 2017 Phoenix

Including Eli is easy now right, with the MWL changes. Especially if you are considering dropping a Lotus Field and Macrophage anyways. In fact, adding 2 Eli and 1 Clone Suffrage gives you 5 influence back to play with so deck slots becomes more of a problem.

16 Apr 2017 norat13

My main goal is to add a second Clone Suffrage Movement. Adding 2 Eli 1.0s seems like the easiest way to get 6 non-alliance HB cards to free up the Jeeves Model Bioroids influence.