Fast Advance is a Crutch v15.0 - 1st place Aldershot BABW

TR1S 625

Hungery Doggo

Welcome back Foodcoats. How I missed you.

*Edit * An updated version of the deck: Hangery Doggo v1.0 has been given a run out on -CodeMarvelous-' channel ( where it does HB things against Andy. Check it out and subscribe to the channel :)


With a new Most Wanted List severely denting the power of both Anarch and CTM, it felt like a change was in order. Given that the meta is in a lot of flux and coupled with only limited time to build a deck, I felt that it was probably best to go with something that I am comfortable playing. HB seemed to be the obvious choice.

Y u play Seidr?

HB is clearly a strong choice in a meta that is likely to feature far less Rumor Mill. You have Ash in faction, tons of spare influence to splash for Caprice and some pretty taxing choices when it comes to your ice - I am looking at you Fairchild 3.0. In addition, the Adonis, Eve, BBG combo remains as powerful as ever and Friends has come along to make it even easier to bleed the runner's credits as they finally get in to clear out your Caprice, Ash, BBG server only for them to magically come back. The agenda mix is also pretty tried and tested at this point, so it means that the deck largely builds itself.

Really the only thing to figure out is what kind of ice you want to play. With Eli coming off the MWL and having a delicious full-bleed from the 2015 World Champ, it was a no-brainer that 3 would be included. I had to sacrifice one Architect in order to fit in the second Caprice, but it is still an excellent piece of ice and well worth the influence. Ichi 1.0 remains a really annoying piece of ice, and is particularly good to double stack if you expect a lot of criminals that rely on Mongoose. Turing exists as a one of largely because it is still a good piece of remote ice (and really good given the lack of D4v1d), and can act as AI hate against eater keyhole decks in a pinch. Finally, vanilla is an important early gear check and a hard ETR in a deck with a number of bioroids that can be clicked through. It can be super clutch for avoiding early siphons, or denying access to a remote after a siphon.

The odd one out is Seidr. This is a piece of ice I remember looking at when it was released, thinking "that's pretty cool", and then remembering that Sifr exists so ice strength doesn't really matter anyway. With the new MWL I decided to give it another look. I've seen a lot of people compare it to a bad Wall of Static or just another Bastion (which didn't see play) but I think this is a mistake. HB builds big servers and Seidr is naturally at home in a three ice server. Paying 4 for a strength six hard-ETR on a remote that the runner is likely to have to check multiple times and beat an Ash trace at the end of it all is pretty good value, and I often was getting it up to strength 6+ during games on the day.

I vacillated between Seidr and Enigma for ages until I eventually decided to just give the new toy a try. Good lord that was an excellent decision. I felt that an extra hard-ETR was important for the deck, so it really had to be between these two and WoS. I have been burned before by a reliance on code-gates and Enigma (or indeed Ravana) would have been disastrous for me given that I faced a Papa Smurf build 3 times on the day.

As it turns out though, Seidr was a true MVP. Being able to put one down on a server often meant that runners radically underestimated how much money they would need to get in and as the server grew it just became increasingly taxing. There is something truly filthy about firing an ABT and being able to place a Seidr on top of a Seidr, raising both of their strength simultaneously. In a deck that values being able to force the runner to consistently check a taxing remote over and over again, this ice really warrants its place.

Tournament Performance

The deck went 5-3 on the day, with all three losses being due to play error on my part that threw away game winning positions.

In the first round against a PPVP Ken deck, I chose not to boost an Ash on R&D during a makers eye run with the runner on 4 credits. I judged, incorrectly, that my credits were more valuable at that stage. The runner stole 4 points off that run and would later do a last ditch Maker's eye run with the winning agenda on the table to steal another 4 and win.

My second round game against Dave "Tony" Saiya also came down to a bit of bad play where I chose to place Caprice on R&D, expecting some Dyper shenanigans. As it turns out, he had rused me and I was vamped in the mid-game. With Caprice redirected to HQ, it was too late as he could simply camp my remote and win with endless money.

Finally, I threw away my first game after the cut by largely trying to take the piss and build a ridiculous server (though it was absolutely glorious: seidr, vanilla, eli, seidr, vanilla, Turing). Of course I was punished for my hubris as he ran R&D with a single medium counter, clicked through the fairchild 3.0 and sniped two GFIs.

Wins were against: 2x PPVP Kate, 2x Papa Smurf Variant (this was the same deck that I lost to in the first round of the cut), and 1x Reg Andy.

The Foodcoats build is a well-tuned machine at this point, so really its going to come down to what ice you think is strongest for dealing with a particular meta. I expected a lot of Shaper and Crim, and that is what I got, so the reliance on barriers and sentries was a good call. There was a lot of Caprice hate on the day, but Friends makes it really easy to deal with. Knowing where to put your defensive upgrades, how to position your ice, and when to capitalise on a scoring window is actually what makes this deck brutal. This is something I am not yet good enough at, but I am sure will come with practice.


Hell if I know. Slots are so tight at this point that you are basically choosing between AAL, Eve and ice. I'd like to test a version that runs just two Ash to see whether or not there is some flex there, but even if there is it seems as if your choice is to just go for more ice. That is likely to be overkill, but it does make firing your ABTs blindly a little bit more interesting.

Obviously, any and all suggestions are welcome :)

16 Apr 2017 kent0n

I have no idea what Papa Smurf is :-(, otherwise I really like the write up.

16 Apr 2017 TR1S

@kent0n Papa Smurf is the deck that won worlds last year.

16 Apr 2017 emilyspine

top doggo meme as always tris, and congrats on the win!

16 Apr 2017 TR1S

@emilyspine You are a star, thank you :)

17 Apr 2017 spags

Why the fuck this deck wasn't called 'Hangry Doggo'.

17 Apr 2017 TR1S

@spags u thot was foodcoats, but is me hangery doggo. Heckin Bamboozlin!

17 Apr 2017 Snake Eyes

Is your plan to Caprice HQ to dodge Siphons, or do you think a Crisium Grid has a place in your deck?

17 Apr 2017 TR1S

@Snake Eyes yeah I have found Caprice is normally sufficient for dodging siphons. There is probably a case to be made that two architects could be cut to include two Crisium Grids, with an Ash becoming another piece of ice but I am not sure it's necessary.

17 Apr 2017 Conphas

Alright, I'm in corp Limbo, might as well take this to league night as well tonight since I'm already copying your Andy list.

I will be calling it Hangry Doggo for the record.

17 Apr 2017 Conphas

What ice do you think if you added the 2 crisiums? my meta has an account siphon/vamp addiction.

17 Apr 2017 TR1S

@Conphas So long as you win you are welcome to call it Hangery Doggo. Don't forget the 'e' - it is relevant!

The build I would go to then would cut the 2 Architects, add 2 crisiuns, cut an Eve to add another Friends and cut an Ash for a Cobra. The surprise Snek is grand, and you never have to rez it if it won't kill a programme. Plus, even unrezzed it still adds power to Seidr.

17 Apr 2017 TR1S

@Conphas So long as you win you are welcome to call it Hangery Doggo. Don't forget the 'e' - it is relevant!

The build I would go to then would cut the 2 Architects, add 2 Crisiums, cut an Eve to add another Friends and cut an Ash for a Cobra. The surprise Snek is grand, and you never have to rez it if it won't kill a programme. Plus, even unrezzed it still adds power to Seidr.

18 Apr 2017 Conphas

It went 1-1, beating Ken Tenma and losing to your Andy deck. I needed to be more agressive and feed an agenda to open a scoring window. But the Andy got off a double siphon followed by polop install that shook my plan.

Enjoying the deck! Thanks for sharing it.

Seidr is better than expected, it was strength 6 in the Tenma game.

19 Apr 2017 TR1S

@Conphas Sweet. I think the Andy matchup is tough in this build as you are reliant on finding a Caprice to drop on HQ ASAP. I have been having a much better time against criminals with the addition of Crisium grid. I now think that card is indispensable to this list.

Yeah! Seidr MVP as usual.

Glad you are enjoying it, if you make any refinements or figure out any nice ways to dodge siphons or vamps then let me know :)

19 Apr 2017 Pantacruel

@TR1S Hi, where do you place your Architect usually? I was thinking maybe of adding Sub Boost and placing it as the outermost piece of ice, to protect all your barriers and sentries from cutlery. Thoughts?

19 Apr 2017 TR1S

@Pantacruel - two caveats to this.

1) Architect has been cut in the latest versions of the deck because I need the influence for Crisium. There is an increasing amount of Vamp Shaper in the meta and you need two to be able to block off indexing and vamp simultaneously.

2) The usual response that your placement is always match-up and context dependent.

I find that typically my architect will go in one of three places: R&D (most common, especially as an early gear check), my scoring remote, or archives (mainly against criminals). When thinking about ice placement, I am normally asking myself: "is this ice going to be a decent facecheck if it is here?" if not, "will I value it here in the late game?". The reason why I am typically putting Architect into the first two positions is because these are the servers that are most likely to be contested without a breaker. It also has additional value in that it simply has to be broken every run so unlike something like Ichi which can simply be ignored on a final hail-mary, Architect cannot be as it will invariably result in a defensive upgrade coming back, or an Agenda being moved somewhere safer. Obviously against criminals having one on Archives is an excellent way to discourage Temujin or Sneakdoor runs. It costs 3cr to break with Mongoose so is always a pain to see, and is one of the reasons I am sad to have to replace it.

I like the idea of Sub boosting an Architect (I once won a game by Sub Boosting a Pop Up Window, so I am totally down with ridiculous Sub Boosts), but over and above finding the deck slots I suspect that most people who want to cutlery something down the line will just let one of the subs fire (normally the second), and break the other two normally. Tbh, I find it easiest to simply install Vanillas as the outermost ice on a server. Not only do they protect you from inside job and knifed in a lot of cases, they also synergises well with Seidr if it is on that server and are an excellent target for friends as you only really have to pay the cost to get them back up on the server and you will necessarily add +2 to the cost of running through it again.

24 Apr 2017 FreqKing

As a small added bonus Seidr Adaptive Barrier also messes with Atman