1.2 Prepaid Adam

chazpf 42

My attempt to update the popular Adam deck I was running. Now uses PPVP economy rather than Career Fair/Temujin/Daily Casts/ Armitage. Added real breakers for games against glaciery corps where Overmind gets too taxed. Added PolOp for Caprice/Ash.

Unfortunate cuts include Aaron and Employee Strike. Influence could be found by cutting some combination of Turning Wheel, Scrubber, Quality Time, and possibly a breaker. Overall, it's been fun in testing but I'm not sure it will work if glacier is the main corp strategy going forward.

25 Apr 2017 Jashay

I feel like Overmind does not synergise well with having a full breaker suite plus support? I've personally found that ABR is cover enough, although I'd never begrudge the Inti for all the little barriers and Wraparound.

I would also strongly argue in favour of Mad Dash, which is great in combination with Find the Truth. This deck is actually pretty similar to my current one, except I have dropped the extra programs in favour of Indexing and Mad Dash. It can get you off to an insane start.

Nice to see more Adam around though; best of luck with it!