Modern Palana

BobAloVskI 332


This type of Palana deck was popular about a year ago. It became less good because a single Rumor Mill wreck your plans. However, with Rumor Mill being on the MWL at three influence, it probably will not see much play considering Anarch will need to use their influence to fit in cards that help their strategies rather than using it to disrupt the Corp's.

The idea is simple, use Caprice and Batty to score out in a remote. Batty has an added bonus of being able to fire the trash program subroutines of your ICE. Ideally you trash their Killer before they encounter your Destroyer and then they lose another program once they cannot break the subroutines. With so many criminals around now, it can be easy to lock them out of the game by trashing their breakers.


Friends In High Places allows you to recur your defensive upgrades, Jacksons or trashed ICE. I've even used it when my ICE comes out in the wrong order - just throw them in archives and place them in the correct order when the proper ICE arrives.

Ark Lockdown can keep those programs gone for good. It works well with the conspiracy breakers if they are not expecting it. Or it can be used for Levy, Siphon - basically anything that you think might be used once it hits the bin.

DNA Tracker is just punishing piece of ICE. A facecheck on it can set the runner back 2-3 turns. Even when they have the correct breaker out, it is expensive to break. With less Parasifr around, this should stay on the table once rezzed.

Scarcity of Resources in there to counter Rumor Mill. They could be swapped out for something else but they are still very useful for slowing the runner down as most of them play resources.


Your first priority is to get an ICE down on R&D and HQ (preferably both ETRs). Against Criminals get a second ICE on HQ and/or Caprice. You should be able to do this by the second turn. This should stop them from running those servers as they are worried about AP ICE. If they do poke around those servers, just let them in because with 8 agendas your centrals should be secure. You then get as much money as you can while building your remote server - two ICE and at least 1 Caprice or Batty is good. You then can proceed to score out those agendas. Fortify your centrals when the runner starts to get their breakers and econ online.

Once the runner gets on top, it can be hard to win. The fact you are Jinteki with Shocks and Snares and Komainus usually stops them being too aggressive early on. Once they realise you aren't running those cards, you are setup and should be well on your way to winning.


This is probably not the optimal build for this archetype but I think it is a very strong one in the current meta. With the MWL hit, Anarchs are slower to setup which suits you. Criminals can be locked out with a Trash Program Batty. Shapers (Kate) are probably the hardest as they are generally good against glacier decks. However, Shapers are not so prevalent in the current meta so the ones you would expect to see, you should be right against.