Sunny Cuts Out Early On Fridays

Murphy 1388

"Friday Nights are Sunny's time to unwind."

So here is the idea. We take all the events that say gain X credits and draw X cards and put them into one deck. When you have enough of these generally bad cards, they are good.

In other words, I am non-ironically looking forward to Process Automation for this list. You may be asking "Why play Automation and Build Script in a Prepaid deck?" The answer is that Prepaid is secondary here. In the same way Daily Casts is better with Career Fair, econ events are better when you draw them with other econ events.

I originally wanted to try this in Andy but was convinced Sunny's 25 influence would be a better direction to go. I think it worked out pretty well. It is incredibly consistent because none of your cards really matter individually. There are no plans. There are no tricks.

This is a down and dirty classic Netrunner deck. Make a bunch of credits, make smart runs, find the agendas. For this reason, I'm not sure this is too competitive because it has no real play in certain match ups but it is a great deck to practice with.

The overall gameplan here is to draw cards, gain credits, and play down the drip credit resources (Underworld Contact and Data Folding) so you can have more free credits later.

Once TD releases, I am going to drop 2x Employee Strike for 2x Process Automation and find a way to include a couple Interdiction. Earthrise Hotel is a flex slot right now.

I was having a stupid fun time with this at a recent GNK. I recommend giving it a try!


  • When you play Deuces Wild you must say "Let's go Wild!"
  • When you play Exclusive Party you must say "It's party time!" OR "Going to the party."
  • When you play Build Script your opponent will need to read the card or will laugh at you.
  • Be VERY casual in your usage of Councilman. Use it on a PAD Campaign sometimes. Don't be predictable.
  • If you can get up to 6 drip at the start of your turn, the chances of your opponent conceding are above 40%.
  • 1x Baby is correct. Sunny is a busy mom. She doesn't have time for two babies. Also, if you happen to draw the Baby as the 50th card in your deck. Install it and fire off Levy AR Lab Access. You are good for round 2.
  • A BIG part of playing this deck well is proper role playing. You have to really embody a 30-something security subcontracting mother of two adorable angels.
17 Apr 2017 Gargulec

Build Script is the best card in the game, and all the haters will one day accept the Efficient Gospel.

17 Apr 2017 Gargulec

By saying that I mean I need to play this. Bad.

17 Apr 2017 Murphy

Calling it now: Build Script on next MWL update.

(calm down nerds, just joking around)

18 Apr 2017 CactusJack

@MurphyNice deck, but I'm a sucker for Sunny.

18 Apr 2017 Odol

I love it! Also, I would feel inclined to put a single Oracle May in there - once you Levy, your deck suddenly becomes all events + duplicate breakers/console that you would trash anyway, and in such environment May would just be pure value :)

18 Apr 2017 Murphy

@CactusJack Thanks Jack!

@Odol Oooo, not a bad idea! Give it a try and let me know how it goes :)

18 Apr 2017 DatLo

Perhaps you could fit in a Feedback Filter if Jinteki cuts is a thing in your meta?

18 Apr 2017 Murphy

@DatLo I haven't played this vs a Jinteki kill deck yet but I suspect there is enough card draw to fight against it without tech. I'll have to try!

18 Apr 2017 DatLo

Oh, also, what's your answer to an already rezzed caprice, besides winning the psi game? People are starting to do that against Interdiction and other things.

18 Apr 2017 Murphy

@DatLo I think the answer is make a lot of money so by the time the Caprice game needs to happen, you can try 4 times. It isn't great!

18 Apr 2017 phette23

Having played against this last night, @Murphy's strategy of winning every psi game was pretty strong.

Seriously though, counter pressure & running repeatedly aren't bad options. It's not like you have to have a designated Caprice counter in every runner deck.

18 Apr 2017 Murphy

@phette23 Stop bidding 1! :P

19 Apr 2017 tzeentchling

Consider Day Job maybe? I dunno if Sunny can really afford to hold down two jobs at once, but if she has time to Party she's got time to work.

Also now I want to play this in Apex or something, with different resources/hardware.

19 Apr 2017 Axlotl

What? No Comet? What is this?

19 Apr 2017 Murphy

@tzeentchling We considered it but Sunny don't have time for that nonsense. You want to draw cards more than you want money in this list. I really like Build Script for this reason.

@Axlotl I know :( I am ashamed.

20 Apr 2017 Fecio

Love the deck - it has everything that Sunny lacked before - draw and money.

And fluff-wise I can now understand why Sports Hopper was not an option for this deck. She needs a Minivan Hopper to be included in next expansion.

20 Apr 2017 Murphy

@Fecio GREAT POINT! I'm sure the next Sunny card will be a minivan. It is what she needs.

20 Apr 2017 Conphas

Pro Tips are 100% helpful. thanks for including them. I'm undefeated since I started following them.

6 May 2017 Dazzler

I don't think you should drop employee strike when TD is out. Since Skorpios will run loose like crazy. @Conphas I like your style sir...