Fight Club

ntahfs 423

Please... don't hit me again, please.

Clan Vengeance can be a fun card. It's great for running into archives and then dumping the corp's whole hand into the garbage for you just before you access. It just takes a little bit of beating yourself up first.

Go to a Career Fair or two to find yourself a nice job and get a few bucks in order to kick off Project Mayhem! Start hitting yourself in the face over, and over again soaking up shots to the ribs to trigger that sweet, sweet pain until you are a bloody mound of ground beef!

Use your shady gang members and your corrupt officials planted in the council to set up the mayhem.

Keep those corporate sheep scared with some secret meetings and random mischief

And oh yeah, it get's better the second or third time

I Am Jack's Smirking Revenge

I Am Jack's Smirking Revenge

20 Apr 2017 Cyberzack

Cool deck. I'm interested to know why you are using Black Orchestra over Yog which seems like the traditional choice out of Null

20 Apr 2017 ntahfs

@Cyberzack, in general the conspiracy breakers are good targets for damage, which works well with the core idea of the deck. Hitting I've had worse and conspiracy breakers with damage feels great!

20 Apr 2017 ntahfs

Plus, Tyler Durden has the best conspiracy theories.

22 Apr 2017 Snake Eyes

Feels like a nicely themed deck. How do you feel about a few Amped Up or Stimhacks for extra damage/benefits? Stimhacking out a paperclip seems pretty easy.

22 Apr 2017 ntahfs

@Snake Eyes, yeah. I had experimented with a lot of self-damage cards and stimhack is definitely a nice include here. If you want to see a nice use of amped up, wait until you see the severnius deck I'm working on. ;D