Restartt 211

A really quick to set up stealth deck.

Use Diesel, Build script, and dueces wild to get money and cards extremely quick. daily casts, dirty laundy, and sure gamble let you get all the money you need. A simple SMC and BAM you're in really quick.

Need to run a lot? you've got scrubber, desperado, net celebrity, and stealth credits, you can keep the money up while running.

Playing the longer game? You're stealth. You do great vs glacier, you've got kati to money up in the long term, and PolOp lets you get past caprice on that crucial turn. Plus you can cut them off with R&D interfaces and that one big makers eye.

HQ pressure? turn those runs you use to police R&D into turning wheel counters.

Still testing the desperado vs a shaper console and temujin. Also, may need another pol op or scrubber, not sure.

23 Apr 2017 jpthegreat

Looks a little vulnerable to having your ICE breakers trashed. Need a way of recurring killed breakers or try to put a few extra breakers in. This does depend on the meta.