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Noroo :D 95

Use Severnius Stim Implant like Faust.

Make overdraw. Then discard your hand.


1. Find Wyldside
2. Draw many cards, and setup. Trash breakers, install resources.
3. When you finish setup your league, Run.

Fast setup is very important. so, you install wyldside, hotel both.
You draw 4 cards when your turn begin, setup setup and gain credit.
You need not discard. Stim Implant solve problem.
Run what you need server. HQ or RND.

When you encounter matchpoint. you can draw a lot.

hand 5 + wyldside 2 + hotel 2 + [inject or ihw * 3 time] = maybe 13 or 16.

Then you accese rnd 9 cards. Korean call this "죽창(jook-chang)". means attack by bamboo spear.

Try this deck and have fun. thx.

P.S. Don't fear crisium grid. they can't stop you.

20 Apr 2017 nodtrio


20 Apr 2017 go239

It is a very greedy deck. But when This deck start to roll like that, Corp feel like stuck in a bamboo shoot.

20 Apr 2017 adran06

it'd be nice if you had a better description/explanation of the deck. "use severnius stim implant like faust" isn't very informative.

20 Apr 2017 Noroo :D

@adran06 thanks your advice. but i can't speak english well... but i try.

22 Apr 2017 GameOfDroids

@adran06 It looks like the game plan is to build up a pile of credits, then get both Wyldside and Earthrise Hotel going and pitch the extra cards to Severnius Stim Implant to get lots of accesses. It seems like it'd be a ton of fun to play, but rather swingy. At 60 cards, you need to aggressively mull for Wyldside or think deck will not be able set up in time. There's too much chaff.

@Noroo :D Thanks for posting! Keep working on that English. I understand the post fine, but your grammar needs work. :) Very fun deck!

23 Apr 2017 Noroo :D

@GameOfDroids thanks your advice :D