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Snake Eyes 4333


Been working on a Nexus Kim deck for a few days. Seems to do ok. There are a few corp matchups that I feel miserable about if I don't get my Archives Interface out quick enough though, or if I get rushed out.

The deck has a little more set up involved. I tried going with just 2 Paperclips, but after getting rushed out a few times I decided to pop a 3rd one in.

Probably should cut something, and an Interdiction probably belongs in the list to work on taking out some of the defensive upgrades. Ash obviously isn't much of a problem, with this deck kicking up to a of 6 easily enough.

Citadel Sanctuary is nice to keep you alive versus random meat decks, and does work to ditch tags from tag-happy decks. Worst case scenario it gives you John Masanori insurance, while triggering an extra trace for Power Tap bucks.

The Archivist is the only new card from this cycle I'm trying out in here - it's pretty decent. I mean, the comparison that it has is Access to Globalsec, and this does everything that one does for the same cost, plus potentially generates Bad Pub for the corp, which is free money on every run for the rest of the game, and more Power Tap bucks.

21 Apr 2017 Noroo :D

Power of kim jung un.

21 Apr 2017 Gaxeco

Why not add a single DLR? Just in case there is nothing best to do, you can run, take one tag with masanori, and drop some cards

21 Apr 2017 Snake Eyes

@Gaxeco the DLR strat is a pretty good one here, but I feel like you'd want to go heavier into the plan if you were going to go that way - throwing multiples in, 2 John Masanori and 2 Citadel Sanctuary trying to trick out extra clicks with stuff like Jak Sinclair Beth Kilrain-Chang Amped Up etc to try to get the pervasive powermills happening. I mean you could definitely just add a singleton here and it would do some work here and there - but when I'm thinking about milling people, I want to Mill them as hard as possible.