Spin - Shaper - Chaos Theorie

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Mantriel 9

This is my "basic" Shaper with Core(x3)+Genesis+Creation & Control+Spin cycle. It gets the job done, I really like it.

Game plan: Mulligan for Magnum Opus, play Inside Man and Replicator as soon as possible, play Prepaid VoicePAD and R&D Interfacer and you should tutor up the other copies of these cards.

Once all of this is done try to use Self-modifying Code to tutor up your Icebreakers and go to town on the corps R&D. If you get tagged, no big deal you only need the inside Mans to install the hardware (which you tutor up) for a couple of turns. Since there aren't any Plascrete Carapace in your deck if the corp wants to snipe you (Scorched Earth) he needs to tag you first and remove the Public Sympathys, this should give you plenty of time to dig in R&D and steal the winning agendas. You should always have more than 3 cards in hand, in case you run into a Snare!