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Rywizard 1

I might want to us this deck for a 1.1.1 tourney that I will participate in, but I feel that this deck is weak with what I have the moment. I would like to know what I should add into the deck, I don't care if its part of a data pack or a box I don't have, just want to see what you guys have in store. (The packs I have are Core Set, Order and Chaos, What Lies Ahead and Opening Moves)

25 Apr 2017 PureFlight

This doesn't help you for your tourney, but a solid Apex engine I've seen uses Chop Bot 3000 (which you might own) and Reaver. You install with your ID, then the next turn you Chop it for 2 cards (plus any Wasteland credits).

I've also seen the new conspiracy breakers (Paperclip, Black Orchestra, MKUltra) used in Apex to supplement Endless Hunger. You can install them face down, Chop them for draw, then install them during runs. Stimhack is good for getting them out! If you include them, you'll just use Endless Hunger in the early game, then ultimately install over it with your other breakers because of constraints.

As a general deckbuilding tip, you have a lot of 1-ofs. That can make your deck a bit inconsistent. I would drop all the support programs except Harbingers (again, the ), the Toolbox (you can only have 1 console installed), Motivation, and Windfall (it doesn't combo with Motivation and is therefore bad). You can then spend the influence on cards that you really want, like more Diesel, Modded, Special Order, or maybe some other money cards.

25 Apr 2017 Rywizard

Update +2 Diesel +1 Apocalypse −1 The Toolbox −1 False Echo −1 Windfall

25 Apr 2017 Rywizard

Update +1 Infiltration −2 Windfall+2 Diesel +1 Apocalypse −1 The Toolbox −1 False Echo