Dat Fisk Boiiiiiiiiii!!!

Jandersoncad 1014

Super simple. Draw cards. Run make them draw cards. Deja Vu to draw more cards. Should have 11 cards in the start of there hand each turn or your doing it wrong.

28 Apr 2017 Gygrazok

I'd include a SYN Attack for good measure

28 Apr 2017 Jandersoncad

Anti synergy. They will always choose discard. Flood is fine. You need all clicks for speed

28 Apr 2017 blackcaps

How will you deal with Ice which can't be broken by an AI?

28 Apr 2017 Jandersoncad

Feint over it. You actually don't need to run a ton. The idea. Is Fisk Investment Seminar and Inside Job do most of work. Mammon is for a finisher.

29 Apr 2017 jollyblondgiant

What does feint do in this deck? Without TTW, apocalypse, desperado, datasucker, etc. What can you do without accessing?

29 Apr 2017 Jandersoncad

Trigger Fisk + Console @jollyblondgiant

1 May 2017 tyrellian

Any ruling definitively on whether Shadow Net can play Fisk Investment directly? Lots of arguments on Jinteki.net because it's not implemented, and people are arguing that you are not playing the event. I'm also seeing a debate here, but no clear answer one way or another from the discussion I think?


1 May 2017 Jandersoncad

Yeah that was me who posted that. Boggs has told me that it does not work and will make it in the FAQ. The deck works fine just forth click get deja Vu.

2 May 2017 tyrellian

Ah, sadness! :) But still a great interaction.