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Bast10n 114 tournament coming up. and with all those fun cards from terminal directive i felt like going full green. not the eco friendly type of green, but the money that buys the best of the best green. And someone over at Argus was like, we got such a guy. please meet Mr Stone. he is awsome, making getting tagged even more anoying by giving a meat damage for every time you give a tag. you want my agenda? that is gonna hurt mate. as for the datapack i choose fear the masses. Zealous judge, for a happy tag's giving was the main reason, however Lateral growth is a great econ card and magnet in fear of parasites. my one off, of course, is BOOM! since that is the endgame of this deck. hostile takeover and illicit sales makes you money, even if it makes you look a little mean. armored servers is the card you wanna score, if any. make him regret running. unfortanly also graft to reduce agenda flooding. now besides BOOM there is also scorched earth. how to tag? make them run a ghost branch, make some door to door visits or some of the ice i will discuss shortly. expensive plays for sure, so what's up for econ? simple hedge fund and my new favorite campaign. the marlilyn campaign. Hailstorm is great but expensive, and to have some cheaper ice (WALL). code gate i have beside the magnet (simple ETR+ anti-parasite) Hortum, wich already start out fine with a credit and a ETR subroutine, but advane the guy 3 times (if the money is there) and the reward will be great. Colossus is also advancable, yet very expensive that way. still a good tag giver and rig shooter. and when talking tagging one cannot forget raven in this format. a one off shadow for both econ and tag's. And when the runner is getting to comfortable, let him meet good old archer. so simple steps: 1 setup, 2 give tags, 3 kill it with FIRE!