Pepsi or Coke

CodeMarvelous 19804

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So to put it simply. This is a good stuff Criminal where I am always gonna make the corp choose between 2 identical cards or two power cards.

Steve is great because I can get extra Temüjin Contract by saying which one of these Timmy Js which might as well have been on the moon do you want me to get back.

Same with Legwork, Indexing, Inside Job, Daily Casts, Account Siphon.

Enjoy your non choice corps,


1 May 2017 skydivingninja

So does Skorpios not completely wreck Steve's plan? Am I missing something?

1 May 2017 dormio

@skydivingninja It does.

1 May 2017 DarkMite2

@skydivingninja - I finished TD yesterday playing as Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter vs. Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power. You learn to play around the ID. Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power can only remove one event card per turn. So you learn the traits of you opponent and play accordingly. Play Sure Gamble first, it's a pretty good Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power target and see what they do. Then decide which event to play next. Personally, I'd drop the Same Old Thing. You're going to be adding Events back into your grip with HQ access.

1 May 2017 tomdidiot

Are you implying that Pepsi is as good as coke? You monster.

1 May 2017 MergeBandit

A criminal deck without Special Order OR Dirty Laundry? You monster.

1 May 2017 Kathan

I think ppl are not understanding the mechanicks around Skorpius. If you play an event, you dont trash it! You play it, and then move it to the Heap. The word you have to play attention is Trashing!

1 May 2017 ntahfs

The Runner pays credits equal to the play cost of an event to play it. When played, an event's abilities as listed in its text box are resolved. Then, the event is immediately trashed.

1 May 2017 str4atman

@Kathan check page 11 of the rulebook. It specifically states that events are trashed after you play them.

1 May 2017 nutritionalzero

I think the main thing here is that Pepsi is spicy whereas Coke is not spicy. Easy choice to make!

1 May 2017 TKO

@Kathan Skorpios very much can remove events when played.. the only thing it can't touch is discarding down to handsize.

1 May 2017 Swiftie

Pepsi Max is the best drink :fite_me:

1 May 2017 PureFlight

Yeah, it also says on page 12 of the rulebook that Pepsi is better than Coke in the Android Universe.

2 May 2017 MrBrown

wow, no tutors? you sure about that?

2 May 2017 djkokakola

Coke is 1000% better than that shit you call cola.

2 May 2017 Sedatedfork

I agree with Dark Mite. Was playing as Steve this weekend against skorpios and I think you could drop SOT due to Steve's ability. Might want to drop them for a current. Maybe interdiction to drop down prior to an indexing run to avoid shuffle on second run?

3 May 2017 Rahrhino

@DarkMite2 I've been playing Skorp a lot and I would never trigger on a Sure Gamble unless maybe if it was their last click. I find that sometimes I don't trigger the ability as I am saving it for priority targets (mainly breakers). I think planning power turns is a good call. A turn where you end up trashing 4 (or more) priority targets, as Skorp can only trigger on one!