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twA7.51.8 24

A pretty simple deck: get a small pile of credits to cheat out Morningstar onto Dinosaurus, throw down a Paintbrush, and go nuts on R&D. The main idea is to set up your rig as fast as possible and then be able to run dirt cheap. It uses the Morningstar/Dino combo because the only ICE it can't break for 1c is Janus or Wotan, which is why I splashed one copy of Femme.

I originally wanted to save this for the Motivation/Oracle May combo, but I decided the constant click tax at the beginning of each turn for economy was too burdensome. It's still taxing to use Lucky Find/Armitage/Professional Contacts, but at least you can do them all in one turn, then be free to run during the next.

The main issue I foresee at this point is Paintbrush becoming too taxing on clicks, especially against decks that are heavy on ICE. I may add two copies of All Nighter (possibly by ditching Sacrificial Construct), but we'll just have to see.

I would certainly appreciate the community's thoughts on this design!

17 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

May motivation is a nice combo, hard at work is a 1 card 5 cost gain 2 which everyone hates, split that up into a 2 card combo costing way less, that gets you a card AND 2 credits? Boss. I think it'll be great when it happens. Also adds to the eureka combo. I feel like garrote would be a good add, you can double the value of your 'cheat' trick for it.