I am the Golden God!

DrJekyll 34

"You can do it Ken, because you're a winner. You haven't peaked, you haven't even begun to peak but you're going to peak today" - Ken Tenma

The deck has a very clear aggressive game plan. Lots of money cards to power big access runs with mammon which is very quick to set up and start scoring early. Not a lot of protection and relies solely on mammon, also card draw can be lacking.

4 May 2017 Oooer

I feel this deck would crumple vs some match ups due to only having a single AI breaker. There is a lot of AI hate out there currently. What is your plan for Swordsman, Turing, advanced Hortum, Chiyashi?

Mammon with E3 is really neat though, just pay 1 credit for each piece of ice you plan to run through each turn. I dig that.

4 May 2017 DrJekyll

Hey thanks for the comments. I agree this is a casual deck and not super competitive (ignoring the 3x siphon), I'm sure someone can make a much better mammon deck that works around its issues but I've been waiting for a criminal AI breaker to make a hyper aggressive deck with so I probably went overboard.

As for the ice that's the risks of the game plan I suppose countering the fact I can break any ICE early, I haven't run against them yet in my games so can't say how debilitating it is but I can imagine. Swordsman and now Hortum lock out a server essentially but chiyashi damage is unavoidable is a AI deck (the best way to look at it is a run event draw engine with same old thing :p). I'm about to play it in the Australia and New Zealand Jnet tournament which will give me a better idea how it goes against different match-ups.

8 May 2017 Sysp

Since you have 3 e3, maybe try giving Grappling Hook a shot? I've run it in Ken and it is surprisingly useful even without e3.

8 May 2017 DrJekyll

@SyspSounds like a fun idea to try out, won't effect Deep Data Mining either if it's used in the run. The duplicates weren't as bad when I was using Blockade Runner runner as a draw engine as I could cycle them back in for other cards but I swapped to fisk to add some hq pressure and save clicks.