slk 95

For KingdomCon Eairly Cycle

went 3/0 on the day, played vs ETF, PE and Nisei divison

4 May 2017 Artacker44

Why do you not play Rumor Mill?

4 May 2017 Trevyn

I would imagine the 3 Influence cost of Rumor Mill now...

4 May 2017 Phoenix

5 influence actually for Rumor Mill (2 Normal + 3 for MWL) which is way too prohibitive out of faction.

4 May 2017 slk

Also caprice is rotated out in this format.

6 May 2017 Artacker44

Sandburg isn't rotated out, and you can easily get 5 influence by cutting Clippy and MKUltra. Councilman and Interdiction won't do it against smart corps who pre rez their Sandburgs against such combo decks.