Knights of the Round

Shiiuga 1199

Just an idea I had based around ditching extra copies of grail ice to The Twins and then recurring them in to R&D using Seidr Laboratories: Destiny Defined ability combined with Mason Bellamy in the remote.

Ideally you want to build a stacked remote with 1 or 2 grail pieces, plus maybe one more ice with Bellamy, the Twins and Heinlein Grid, and Ryon Knight for backup if they start running last click.

Friends will help you to recur the upgrades if they get in and trash them before you are fully set up, and when you're set up you can use Seidr to put either grail, friends, money or one of the upgrades back on your deck as necessary.

4 May 2017 PureFlight

Very cool idea

5 May 2017 StarlightCrusade


5 May 2017 MephistophelesX

holy moly, especially since grail gains the subs for the RUN not the encounter with twins he encounters 1 with 3 and one with 5 subs. this is plain evil, i think i'm gonna give this a run.