Armoured Hell Hounds

Quarg 252


The Plan:

  • Burst Economy with Beanstalk, Hedge, and IPO should hopefully get you in the position to score an agenda in the first couple of turns.
  • Score an Armored Servers as soon as you can.
  • Protect a remote, and either HQ or R&D with Komainu into either Mausolus or Cobra, and maintain 9 credits at all times. (Friends is here to help you get ice in the right place, even if you've already used your bitey ice elsewhere.)
  • Slam agendas in the remote, and get scoring!
  • As soon as the runner makes the mistake of trying to get past your Guard Dogs, put some Armour on them, they lose their hand to the dogs, die to a Snake Bite, and get put in a Mausoleum, where they belong.

Card Choices, and Tweaks

6 May 2017 BobAloVskI

With Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future giving Armored Servers an extra counter, I think you can pop both counters on the one run to do double damage. That could be pretty crazy.

7 May 2017 Conduit23

Prisec behind robo doggo = flatline.

9 May 2017 Feed

Can't they just jack out after hitting the Komainu to burn your Armored Servers token?

9 May 2017 Feed

Nevermind, Im dumb.

29 May 2017 Daxora

How does armored servers interact with breakers like Switchblade? Does the lethal combo work against those too?

29 May 2017 Quarg

@Daxora Yes, Armoured Servers works against icebreakers that break multiple subroutines at once, the additional cost is to break a subroutine, not to use an icebreaker.