TheFragleader 58

The power in Ayla's NVRAM is deck thinning and consistency. With 3x important cards such as Magnum Opus, SMC, and Ubax, setting up is a breeze.

As it looks, the basic gameplan of this deck is to set up Baba Yaga with Breach, Yog.0, Faerie, and optionally Sharpshooter. You would also want a Magnum Opus set up on Dhegdheer for you economy and open MU.

Early game piloting is most important to do correctly, as once you are set up with a System Seizure out, even the mightiest of servers fall for simple pennies.

NVRAM: In order of importance for what you want to hold.
1. Matchup specific silver bullets, if needed - Film Critic, NACH, Net Shield
2. Baba Yaga pieces - Baba Yaga herself, Yog, Faerie, Breach, Sharpshooter
3. Economy - Dhegdeer, Magnum Opus, Ubax
4. Late Game - Anything you won't need until you are set up - R&D Interface, System Seizure, Maker's Eye

Typical opening turns begin with setting up Magnum Opus, Ubax, and Peace in Our Times. With three SMC and Clone Chip, as well as naturally drawing the pieces, the full breaker suite is usually set up by turn 7 or 8 at the latest.

Never think that you have to wait until you have every single breaker out to start running. SMC on the table can get out what you need, and Scavenge or Clone Chip can save anything you lose, or if you happen to install something not on Baba Yaga.

Other options for the deck include Paricia, for if Magnum Opus doesn't seem to be enough to hold back assets, Beth KC for the value while setting up, and Same Old Thing for extra System Seizures and Maker's Eyes.

Go out, break some servers, and bask in the sheer efficiency of your breakers.

6 May 2017 severininfurs

If you are using Sharpshooter for boosting, I would go Sherman for your barrier breaker. It likely will rarely make a difference, but it only costs 1 more to install and the same to break any number vs 3 subs.

8 May 2017 daytodave

If you're using Sharpshooter for boosting, why not use Inti for a fracter?

8 May 2017 TheFragleader

Honestly you could probably drop either Breach or Sharpshooter, they're a bit redundant together. I usually use Breach for boosting anyways, but you could rely on Sharpshooter and use Inti for the cheap install too.

8 May 2017 daytodave

One swap I've never been unhappy with in Shaper: -1 R&D Interface, +1 Artist Colony. Especially in a deck like this that dominates once it gets set up, it's brilliant to be able to change an agenda for a Plascrete against Weyland, a piece of your rig or an RDI against glacier, a Film Critic against Jinteki or Haarpsichord, or just dump the GFIs into the void against that EoI deck that can't actually score.

The Shadow Net is also no joke on that score, since you can play Sure Gambles ignoring the 5 cost, or close out the game with an extra Maker's Eye.