Snake Eyes 4588



C-C-C-C-Combo Killer






Shut the runner out with Batty Rigshooting, Agg Sec, Hunter Seeker, or Underway Renovation. Hortum is awesome against AI breakers, triple advance it to lock people down.

If I were to cut anything it would be Bulwark and Rototurret for other pieces of ICE. I feel like 15 is a nice number for this deck.

9 May 2017 Myriad

Is Mausolus really worth the slot? It seems kind of dead if you aren't going for flatline or tag punishment. I guess it could flatline if you have it triple advanced.

I would suggest trying Changeling over Spiderweb as well. The ability to change its type is super relevant.

How has Colossus been?

9 May 2017 LeePo

Best defense + consulting Visit against Sacrificial Construct ?

9 May 2017 BizTheDad

Didn't you beat me with this last night?

9 May 2017 LynxMegaCorp

@MyriadMausolus is such a good ice in general - punishes facechecks, taxes most kinds of decks (name a Runner that doesn't want to keep their resources) and can potentially be a hard stop. Its hard for me to not run 3!

9 May 2017 Snake Eyes

@Myriad : @Lynx Kuroneko pretty much hit the nail on the head. Getting a net damage with Mauso is an ok way to proct that Skorp RFG damage too. Overall I like Hortum better just for the hard ETR, but Mauso has those 3 nice subs that the runner usually doesn't want to let hit all that often. It's pretty rare that I triple advance it - usually just if I've locked out their Decoders and can't find a Hortum.

Colossus has been pretty reasonable! I won't go ahead and call it god tier or anything - but getting to pump its strength up to something inconvenient/impossible for the runner to break is pretty nice.

@LeePo I agree, a single Best Defense could be nice to clear Sac Cons or other easy zero cost targets.

@BizTheDad yup. :p. I think I published it like an hour or so before we played.

10 May 2017 Myriad

@Lynx KuronekoI get that. I just think Bloodletter (or really almost any midrange ice) is better in the spot. Trashing two cards off the top is often times more damaging for a runner than a random net damage ping as the runner can always adjust their play for the random ping. The runner rarely can make the calculated risk of taking two off the top until they are set up. If they are set up, most decks will show you what spots you can hit pretty quickly to get a nice return.

Bloodletter's only big downside IMHO is the fact that it never can ETR, while Mausolus can, albeit at the expense of a full turn worth of clicks and three creds.

But it is out of mimic range and it is a pain for anything other than dagger, set up breaking and entering programs and switchblade to break. MK Ultra costs 6 to break it.