Terminal Directive Campaign - Krystian's Steve

krystman 2720

Note: Access to Globalsec is a placeholder two of the cards you get in your starter pack of the campaign

This is the deck I was using in my second play-trough of the Terminal Directive campaign. I was going up against Skorpios. It held up well. Made for an exciting match-up.

Cards I felt I didn't use as often as I thought I would:

  • Maxwell James
  • Charlatan
  • Stimhack
  • Sacrifical Construct (but only since opponent didn't play Hunter Seeker)

Cards that worked better than expected

  • The new breakers
  • Data Dealer
  • Decoy

Data Dealer is something I brought in late in the campaign because of the way the campaign developed. I was already thinking about it earlier. It was a lot of fun and you might be able to use it even earlier.

An earlier iteration of this deck had Bank Job in that slot.

10 May 2017 Sixtyten

going to try this list tonight on my first playthrough!

10 May 2017 podoboyz99

From what i remember you must include 3 copies of the card they give you, so you are going to have to cut something.

11 May 2017 Pinkwarrior

@podoboyz99 pretty sure it's you may include upto 3 copies for the runners side. You have to include 3 for the corps side not like you ever wouldn't mind considering.

16 May 2017 krystman

@podoboyz99 @Pinkwarrior Read the description. Access to Globalsec are the placeholders. Can't publish incomplete decks.

21 May 2017 dodgepong

You definitely have to include a 3 full copies. The rules are a bit ambiguous, because they say you "may" cut cards, but that's only because Runner deckbuilding rules are looser than Corp rules. You could play with 48 cards in your Runner deck if you wanted, opting not to cut any cards.