Mom's Credit Card 2.0

Conphas 583

This is version 2.0. The original list is available here

Thanks to some community feedback the list is better than ever! Changes:

+2 Dean Lister, -2 System Seizure
Dean Lister closes remotes in this deck. A breaker suddenly becoming strength 8 makes it difficult to tax out. It fills the same slot as System Seizure, while being more efficient

-2 Councilman +1 Interdiction +1 Political Operative
I still need an answer for the wondertwins. Since I lost my current in system seizure, interdiction + polop get the job done.

-1 Daily Casts +1 Film Critic
I know, these have nothing to do with each other. But sometimes you either don't want to steal the agenda (midseasons/skorpios) or you want to make sure you get the agenda (NAPD/Future Perfect). Also keeps New Angeles City Hall around. Turns Mad Dash off, but in games you need it it saves the day.

+1 Public Sympathy
Hand size boost is important to see in opening 3 turns. Important enough to go to 46 cards. I'm trying to find a cut for this slot but failing.