Kim's Day!

Discipel 71

So, I was trying to get Kim to work last regional season. I just couldn't get a deck that worked as well as it would have in any other ID. However, with all of the heavy amounts of operations in nearly every deck, Kim does work.

Notable additions: Single Rumor Mill - It's just so powerful. Included 2 Hacktivists and RM as a single to go against all of the angry Corp Currents.

Ice Carver - It is super helpful when paired with the Conspiracy Breakers.

Grimoire/Maw - I've tried both and each has it's strengths. Between the two, I'm not sure that I can tell much of a difference. It's really dependent on your play style. I will probably stick with Grimoire for a while to see how things go.

Nerve Agent - This card has won me games against CI multiple times.

Give me some feedback and suggestions!

12 May 2017 CommissarFeesh

Nerve Agent is the best complement to Kim. Gonna be so sad when it rotates :(