Shovel Memorial Andromeda, 1st place Team Covenant Regional

itsbigfoot 2792

Step 1: Find the business Step 2: Give them the business

Removed the weaker run based econ cards because they're too easy to turn off when you're behind.

R.i.p. shovel 2013-2017

14 May 2017 kata124

Congrats! How was the exploit? Any particular reason you included it over inside job or something else?

14 May 2017 itsbigfoot

In the glacier matchup, you can disrupt their economy enough that they go broke, but they tend to have a few large annoying ice up that is a major pain in the ass to break, exploit basically wipes their board and ends the game. Fired it once in swiss and was going for a fire in finals when i hit the winning points.

I was waffling between inside job, second legwork and a few other 1ofs before the tournament, 1of dirty laundry might be the call but i think it's meta dependent. Second legwork is definitely the flex slot unless glacier goes away.

15 May 2017 kata124

Cool cool. Thanks for publishing.

15 May 2017 Zanis

Did you face Skorpios ? The deck seems weak against it...

15 May 2017 itsbigfoot

Didn't hit it in the tournament but wound up playing a lot of different builds in testing. Didn't seem particularly hard if you're not losing breakers to dumb things early, film critic also shuts off hunter seeker and so they kinda lose if you're ever fully set up.

17 May 2017 clercqie

Very nice, congrats!

Maxwell James looks really good in the Exploit / Inside Job / EShutdown slot.

No Dirty Laundry? Didn't you have awkward opening hands without it?

17 May 2017 clercqie

Also, do you have thoughts on Indexing vs. Medium? Medium used to be the go-to RnD multi-access in Andy, so why the change? Macrophage/CVS play seems a bit down, while Indexing has a lot of counterplay via the likes of Jackson, Estelle, AAL, etc. Crisium hoses both.

17 May 2017 itsbigfoot

Maxwell: Very powerful effect, but you have no issues with remotes in 90% of games. I think it's better splashed.

DL and sec test: cut for runless econ like career fair so you can't get taxed out by early ice.

Indexing vs Medium: Indexing is faster, and i wanted speed vs moon. It works better with mad dash and doesn't give you mem issues since you want sneakdoor lategame unless you REALLY need the sucker

17 May 2017 itsbigfoot

Also you already want to kill estelle and jackson on sight