Lock Hayley (Top8 Norcal Regionals)

Joseki 2560

Build this deck and played a few games with it on J.net. I've been kind of down on netrunner lately, but brewed this deck up after looking through the TD spoilers and thinking of something I'd enjoy playing at Regionals. As it would have it @bluebird503 played my deck and got top8 with it, which was neato.

Basic gameplan is to get Laguna Velasco District installed as soon as possible, which should lead you into getting an SMC or Faust, and Ubax installed. These cards together give Faust a very large swath of cards to discard to easily challenge rushed agendas, and lock up even very large servers. Multiple times I drew from Ubax, played Diesel, drew 4, and ran a 6 ice remote. Having 15+ cards in hand is also sweet with Dean Lister, as you can use Faust to simply break subs, and not need to boost against every ice.

Dean Lister does a lot of work in this deck, often giving you a lot of leverage in spending of your cards. Dean lister is also great with Chameleon!

The resource split of the deck might seem a little strange, but the basic idea is that because you are Hayley, you can just casually install 0 cost tech cards throughout the game, and as their usefulness permits, sell them to the 1x Aesop in the late game. Sac Con is wonderful against CI and Scorpios/Hunter Seeker, while Councilman is great against CI and Railgun. You only need a single Clone Chip due to Sac Con and your multiple levys, but often times you just sell all these things too if Clot isn't particularly relevant in the match.

The Rumor Mill and Same Old Things are a match made in heaven, giving you an essentially permanently active rumor mill. Having three Levys also aids in this plan.

Deep Data Mining and Legwork serve as your main game closing cards, allowing you to continually camp R&D with DDM and SoT, or check their flooded hand with Legwork after you've remote locked them with Rumor Mill + Faust.

Overall this deck is super fun to play, and has some pretty interesting/bizarre game states.

15 May 2017 x3r0h0ur

Oh thats awesome, I was just testing a nasir faust that is remarkably similar, down to the 3 levys. Its amazing just how much draw ubax+Laguna is. Having film critic in faction, as well as sac con is great. Cool stuff.

15 May 2017 partialcharge

This deck is wild to play against. I'm still embarrassed that I didn't see the Faust coming when you installed Laguna & Ubax. Dean just makes the whole thing chef's kiss perfect.

Great deck, and great game yesterday.

15 May 2017 ANRguybrush

Copied and ready to sleeve. thx

15 May 2017 yog-sothothry

I love this deck so much! As soon as I opened Terminal Directive, I fell in love with deep data mining and laguna velasco district, and I am a longtime fan of both aesop's pawnshop and shaper bullshit. Also, hits the new HB asset spam deck by shutting off their win cons. If they can't FA and they can't Lakshmi, and they can't lean on caprice, they are reduced to trying to sneak agendas out naked on the table. Check all new remotes and they basically can't win once you are set up. Nice!

15 May 2017 yog-sothothry

Any thought to replacing plascrete with NACH? Seems to do the same job, protecting you from 24/7 boom, but also has benefit against data ravens and other miscellaneous threats,

16 May 2017 lillumultipass


the decks looks a lot of fun ! However, although I love the card draw, I am a bit concerned about credits as there does not seem to be many money-generating cards, whereas the key cards (Ubax, Velasco) are expensive. Did you find those to be enough or did you click for credits often ?

I reckon that you don't need a lot of credits for running given Faust and Dean Lister but still, I would be worried for the beginning of the game...

Very cool list anyhow !

16 May 2017 NetDad

Any thoughts on including Symmetrical Visage?

22 May 2017 ANRguybrush

I noticed that Ubax is great in glacier games, but against asset spam Astrolabe is pure gold and not as much of a tempo hit.

22 May 2017 Parzival

What do you do against double Turing remotes?

23 May 2017 partialcharge

That's what the CyCy is for. At least... That's what he used it for against me.

24 May 2017 ANRguybrush

@Parzival Use Dean Lister on Chameleon.

24 May 2017 bluebird503

Cyber cypher also works

31 May 2017 bakunin75

Data Folding is great in this list!

11 Aug 2017 thunderfist

@Joseki, what purpose does Chameleon play in this deck?