One Weird Trick: Corps Hate Him

johnhawkhaines 22

Right now there are a couple of questions you ask yourself when you look at a new deck.

Can it deal with asset spam? Not really. Can it handle tag hate? Technically, maybe. Does it include Frantic Coding? Yes.

Piloting this deck will make you a better person in minutes or less. This one weird trick will help you lose weight, win games, and beat back the forces of global hegemony.

Here's how it works.

Mulligan for Frantic Coding. Hit a Sneakdoor. Recur every card, there's only one one off, and it's the mopus you just played for free. Or a Film Critic, which is an overrated card.

One last piece of advice, you may be tempted to recur a frantic coding. It's almost always a bad idea to play that third frantic coding.

But it does guarantee you will be able to recur whatever you want. Other than the single film critic, but who cares, she's really unpleasant. As a person. Just not a good friend. She keeps ditching my happy hour meetups.

Go forth, good luck not running into Skorpios. But if you do, just hit five points of agendas off the top of R&D turn 1.

18 May 2017 branimated

wipes a tear

It's... beautiful.

18 May 2017 johnhawkhaines

Paperclip is also technically a one-off but it recurs itself for free. FOR FREE.

18 May 2017 CactusJack

@johnhawkhainesNice write up!