Wendigo Wedding

obscurica 1298

Shoutouts to Silv for pointing out that Dhegdheer made Endless Hunger a 0MU card. Using up none of Apex's memory means it's feasible to install Overmind, bolstering its power counters with e3 Feedback Implants to neutralize non-ETR threats.

Then there's the matter of The Shadow Net, which neatly takes up Same Old Thing's role for Levy AR Lab Access recursion, giving Apex its desperately-needed longevity. Turning 1, 0, or -1 agendas into resources or Prey-based ice destruction also easily justifies its presence.

In hindsight, I guess it does make sense that a cannibalistic monster of Somali mythology would be best buds with Apex.

Reave. Prey. Hunt. The unholy matrimony of cannibal widow and wendigo beast shall bring ruination to us all.

19 May 2017 Myriad

All it needs is the upcoming 5cost shaper mod that lets you turn Endless Hunger into an AI breaker and you will be set.

19 May 2017 CactusJack

@MyriadBut what would he sacrifice for that mod?

19 May 2017 obscurica

@Myriad``@CactusJack tbh, I don't think I would. HB's current relevance makes it risky to lose clicks in the middle of a run. And the Overmind/Dhegdheer/e3 Feedback Implants exploit is sufficiently powerful that you can conceivably get away with just having that one breaker alone.

19 May 2017 codychilton13

Duces wild is infinitely better than independent thinking in this deck, or even quality time

19 May 2017 obscurica

@codychilton13 Might have a point. I was mostly amused by the ridiculous amount of card-draw I got from Independent Thinking in the onesies version I ran last month. Deuces Wild is too flexible to ignore, though...

20 May 2017 Myriad

Rosetta 2.0 might be slightly better than SMC. Check that out next week.

Also, I would just suggest trying the AI mod next week. It's not something to rely on, against hb but it also means you can get some sick remote lock and reliably trigger prey.

20 May 2017 lostie

Deuces Wild or even ChopBot seem to be a better include than Independent Thinking. In my testing I almost never used it, ended up trying ChopBot which did a ton of work (draw) for me.

With the tagging corp decks around and no link, both of those cards are flexible enough to help, although I ended up trying as well a cheeky Gingerbread :P

21 May 2017 shazzner

I like this! Though I would probably the Independent Thinkings for Chopbots.

18 Jun 2017 CommissarFeesh

What do you do if you hit a Swordsman with an EtR behind it? Do you just rely on having more than one of your AIs installed?

Similarly, what do you do if someone double-stacks Turings on a central?

18 Jun 2017 obscurica

@CommissarFeesh You're reliant on a meta call. The current top decks see just one copy on Joseki's CI7 and no Turings at all. With Eater on the MWL, the demand for anti-AI's slackened a bit.